ROSKILDE08 #4: Lulu Rouge, Von Hertzen Brothers & Bob Hund

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Roskilde Festival - Photo by Thorbjørn Hansen/RockPhoto

And along came the merciless Roskilde-Sunday. After three days of partying and live music it’s almost a human rights violation in itself, but fortunately we had world class DJs/producers Buda and T.O.M. to kick it off (I got up late). Under the moniker Lulu Rouge the Danish duo have just released their debut album, ‘Bless You’, which has been one of most awaited Danish albums in years. For every good reason. Live at the Astoria stage on Sunday early evening their melancholic dub with bass lines as heavy as, well, something really, really heavy swept the audience away and created what I imagine a rave for potheads would be like. In short it was blue and brilliant.

What wasn’t brilliant was Finnish rock outfit Von Hertzen Brothers, whose third album, ‘Love Remains The Same’, went straight to number 1 in Finland when released on May 14. Although the three von Hertzen brothers Kie, Mikko, Jonne and their band mates Mikko Kaakkuriniemi (drums) and Juha Kuoppala (keys) played quite well and presented themselves with great energy on the Pavilion stage, their take on classic rock history with props to AC/DC and Queen among many others never became much more than a matter of the right attitudes.

One who has also got plenty of attitude, but in whole different cool-category, is Bob Hund (directly translated “Bob Dog”) singer Thomas Öberg. When finally entering the Orange stage after a very long intro he completely and brilliantly took over the show. The Swedish weird-punk favorites are on their first tour in five years and celebrated their gig #390 by dictating party to the smallest, but perhaps most dedicated crowd in front of the main stage this year. With Öberg here, there & everywhere, smashing chairs and climbing the monitors you couldn’t help but get carried away – as it was our responsibility. As the singer rambled in amazing new and utterly mad song, ‘Fantastisk’ (“Fantastic”): “Pick me up! Only you can get me going!” After a failed attempt to make it outside Scandinavia as Bergman Rock, Bob Hund was back to its own excellent self at Roskilde Festival 2008 – with a vengeance.


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