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Backyard Babies - Photo by Mikael Eriksson

As you can probably guess from the colourfully titled first single ‘Fuck Off And Die’, Backyard Babies plays straightforward no-nonsense hard rock without many subtleties. They have been doing so for more than 20 years and still seem to be getting a kick out of it.

The Swedish quartet formed in 1987 are generally acknowledged for (or accused of, depending on your P.O.V.) bringing sleaze metal to Scandinavia and charmingly have always sounded distinctly like Backyard Babies no matter what style of rock was the flavour of the month.

This is still the case on their eponymous sixth album. The songs, rarely clocking in on more than three minutes and change, are in no way complicated, but they are powerful, catchy and full of punky energy – and proves just like Mötley Crüe’s new album ‘Saints of Los Angeles’ from earlier this year that sleaze metal is in no way dead. It has just been resting for a couple of years.

Producer Jacob Hellner, who has previously worked with fellow Swedes Clawfinger, Finnish cello-metallers Apocalyptica and German Rammstein, ensures a crisp production but with Backyard Babies’ dirty sound still intact. And despite all the band members being in their late thirties it still sounds like a gang of young punks full of aggression and cheap liquor who have just decided to make a rock‘n’roll record.

‘Backyard Babies’ might not be great art but the album does, however, make en excellent soundtrack for say… drinking, breaking stuff and driving really fast.

Backyard Babies: Backyard BabiesGenre: Hard rock/Sleaze metal
Who: Backyard Babies
Title: Backyard Babies
Label: Billion Dollar Babies/Target Distribution
Year: 2008
Country: Sweden
Language: English
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Recommended tracks:
Fuck Off And Die – Degenerated – Come Undone – Back On The Juice


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