Efterklang: Magic Chairs

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Efterklang - Photo by Rasmus Weng Karlsen

High expectations and curiosity have spooned since Efterklang announced the details for ‘Magic Chairs’ and released first single ‘Modern Drift’ late last year. The single clearly revealed that the Danish quartet were, like their compatriots Mew did last year, moving in a new, altogether more accessible direction – a move confirmed by the other nine songs on this their third full length, and a move that suits them very well indeed.

Pure awesomeness is lurking around every corner, although these have become fewer and less twisted. The pop, or at least the melodies, have always been there, they’ve just been the less popular kid on their symphonic playground. This time it’s reversed: Pop leads the way, but underneath icy Scandinavian melancholy rule with an impressive array of playful details and flaring orchestral sparks, that keep the songs constantly evolving.

We said it here, and admittedly it seemed a safe bet, but we’re nonetheless excited that Efterklang have decided not to embarrass us. ‘Magic Chairs’ is one of those albums where the “recommended tracks” bit below is insanely hard to do as all parts at different times are at least equal to the stunning whole, and it’s an album that can’t but make a solid mark on 2010. In one word: Marvelous.

Recommended tracks:
Modern Drift – Alike – Full Moon – The Soft Beating – Scandinavian Love – Mirror Mirror


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