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Gogoyoko - ripped of ignitas.com

The music business has for some years now been forced to rethink, well, the whole music business. The digital revolution has spawned a string of alternative ways of distributing legal music (with e.g. Radiohead and the American blog/label rcrdlbl.com giving it away for free), to some extend making the traditional way of selling and distributing music obsolete, and now a new initiative is coming out of Iceland.

Gogoyoko has set out to be a fair trade online music marketplace for both artists and labels. The idea is simply to cut out all middlemen and let the artists decide how much their music cost, receiving what Gogoyoko state to be a “groundbreaking revenue split” on music sales. How much is still an unknown. Also 40 percent of ad revenue generated will be shared by the artists based on the streaming of the artists works.

Started by a group of artists and Haukur Magnússon, founder of Arctic Wave Records, Gogoyoko will also support 10 international charity and environmental organizations with ten percent of the income from advertisements. When artists sign up they too can choose to donate ten percent of their music sales to these organizations, all of which still need to be named.

According to plan Gogoyoko will be launched March 2009, with alpha testing starting November 15, but already some of Iceland’s leading acts – including Sigur Rós, múm and Mugison – have had a sneak preview, apparently giving great response. For now you can sign up to their newsletter, making sure you don’t miss the launch.

A final note: Could the “yoko”-part of the name be a nod to the woman responsible for killing The Beatles? Some kind of poetic way of signaling the end of what was and a new beginning? Just a thought…


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  1. This sounds very promising, I hope all the artists I listen to sign up so that they can get donations.

    That video on their site needs a better English speaker though, the accent is rather annoying…

  2. Randver Dec 22nd, 2008

    I like this!!

  3. Joined gogoyoko with my project few days back and realy like the site, think it is going to be big in the future.

  4. Sounds good. Hopefully they’ll open in other territories soon… And good luck with it all

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