Malrun: Beauty In Chaos

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On MySpace Malrun mention a lot of cool bands as their inspirations – and then Staind and Creed. While Staind may have their moments, I think everybody with a reasonable taste in music can agree that Creed sucks. So if you are sceptical before listening to the Danish quintet’s debut album it is quite understandable. And I have to say that there is a rock ballad called ‘Wounded Pride’ on the album, and if there ever was a song suitable for a music video with endless helicopter shots of the singer standing on top of a mountain With Arms Wide Open it is this one. However, it is okay.

First of all, if you like a nice, bloated power ballad now and then, this is a pretty darn good one. Second, frontman Jacob Løbner sings better in the shower than Scott Stapp ever did in his life. And most importantly: The rest of the album rocks! Even though it is only August I’m gonna bet a month’s salary that ‘Beauty In Chaos’ is going to end up on our Best Of 2010 list at the end of the year (okay, so a month’s salary on ALL SCANDINAVIAN is close to nothing, but you get the idea).

One standout track on Malrun’s debut is ‘Strapped While You Dance’ (check it out here) with brutal guitars, a solo from Martin Buus of Mercenary, high pitched heavy screams and then a chorus so melodic that you will find yourself humming it for a week. But ‘Beauty In Chaos’ is an almost nonstop collection of epic rock songs with massive guitars, great vocals and instantly catchy choruses – the tracks are aggressive yet melancholic, brutal yet beautiful. In short: Pretty f***ing ace.

Genre: Hard rock/Progressive metal
Who: Malrun
Album: Beauty In Chaos
Label: Mighty Music/Target Distribution
Year: 2010
Country: Denmark
Language: English

Recommended tracks:
Ostracized – Strapped While You Dance – Caught Between Your Legs – Rise From Sorrow – The Jovian Transit – Unsealed


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