Plök: Sing Us Yr Guillotine Gospel

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It’s been three years since recorded material has escaped the Plök cave, but now – following three EP’s – the Danish math-rock quartet have released their debut full length ‘Sing Us Yr Guillotine Gospel’ on their own, aptly named label The Binary Icosahedral Group (don’t ask – it’s a mathematical term). And what a treat it is. From beginning to end it’s just a massive, uncompromising sensory attack, not least thanks to the addition of, generally pretty evil, synths to their weapons arsenal since we first featured them on this site.

Metal, punk, post-hardcore, noise, industrial. It and more is here, mangled together with impressive equilibristic skill in polyrhythmic, mind-bending excursions to places at least one step beyond. A challenge, yes, but one you should gladly accept, and every now and then they do reward you with accessible, catchy even, flashes giving you a chance to catch your bearings. To formidable effect. One being the, well, nearest Plök pop moment ‘allIwantisabattleship’, sporting a slight Oriental touch (in the player).

Lyrically they throw punches at politicians and media corporations, but also and not least the numbed masses, including a youth concerned primarily with a quest for fame, who blindly accept the state of the union. The latter clear in opening track and their first ever cover song ‘Solen’, a distorted synth-couch pillows-broken cymbals-car rim version of one the most celebrated, Danish psalms ‘Se, Nu Stiger Solen’ (“Behold, the sun is rising”, or something to that effect) featuring the famous rant against TV and apathetic viewers by actor Peter Finch (as Howard Beale) in the Oscar-winning movie ‘Network’ (1976).

They call it mathbeat synthpunk and mention acts like The Blood Brothers, Crystal Castles, Battles, Dillinger Escape Plan and Kraftwerk among their influences. I’ll just throw in Primus, Mr. Bungle and their compatriots Beta Satan (the album is mixed by Mr. Q and Kned from said sinister synth-rockers) for good measure, but Plök are very much their own and with ‘Sing Us Yr Guillotine Gospel’ they’ve created a beautifully aggressive call for action. And they sound about ready to behead us all if we don’t shape up and do something about it. Awesome!

Genre: Math-rock
Who: Plök
Album: Sing Us Yr Guillotine Gospel
Label: The Binary Icosahedral Group
Year: 2010
Country: Denmark
Language: English

Recommended tracks:
Headlock The Urban Machine – Time Out The Stroboscope Emotional – allIreallywantisabattleship – Kleenex Exposition – Barbra Streisand Is An Island – Ctrl Alt Cmd 8


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