From the Inbox: Neufvoin, Bellman, Steso, Kvalität and more

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It’s been quite a while since the last installment of From the Inbox, but, to quote Whitesnake for no apparent reason, here I go again with a selection of tracks and videos by Finnish alternative rock quintet Neufvoin, Norwegian alt-pop maestro Bellman, Faroese collective Steso and Kvalität, which is a great new Swedish live music video website, among others. Check it out and let us know what you think…

Last year Finnish quintet Neufvoin made a name for themselves with their ‘Robokop EP’, and recently the alternative rock outfit, drawing on Efterklang, Sigur Rós and Broken Social Scene for inspiration, released their second titled ‘Fake Musket EP’. Here’s the great ‘Polar Song’ from the latter, and if you like it, then download it with a Right Click + Save As here!

Back when it was warm and nice outside, Swedish indierock quartet Verious released their first eponymous four-song EP, and now they have their first music video out and about, accompanying the very best track from said EP, ‘In Sleep’.

In October Bellman aka Arne-Johan Rauan released his second album ‘The Curse’ in his native Norway. A 7+ minutes preview of the new album is streaming on MySpace along with melancholic pop single ‘Olivia’ (in the player) and songs from his great 2009 debut ‘Mainly Mute’.

This summer Oh No Ono released the ‘Internet Warrior EP’ both digitally and on vinyl, sporting remixes of three songs from their latest magnificent effort ‘Eggs’ (2009) by a selection of North American artists. The digital version also includes the title track in the original radio version, and this is also accompanied by this cool video by Carolina Melis and Alessandro Monaco.

I first featured Faroese collective Steso in a SpaceScan back in April, then saying they were working on their debut album. By the looks of it, it has instead become an EP titled ‘Hákunargenta’ from which two songs – ‘Akarin’ (the track playing in the SpaceScan) and ‘Anechoic Chamber’ – are streaming on MySpace and On the latter you’ll also find this beautiful example on their atmospheric downtempo compositions titled ‘How Much Is The Ape’. Whether or not it’s part of the EP, I don’t know, but it’s worth a listen none the less.

This is not an artist or a band, but a new, cool music video website. Kvalität (“quality”) is the name, and exclusive live videos with their favorite artists is their game with the ambition to “accessibly present music in the form of video and audio recordings of live performances online. We give you the opportunity to experience music in its natural habitat, live, without aural or visual compromises.” Here’s the latest video with Steso Songs aka Karolina Stenström and after watching I suggest you check out the other videos on

Danish indierock outfit Northern Portrait released their debut album ‘Criminal Art Lovers’ late last year, and now they’ve put out a limited edition 7” vinyl single with ‘Life Returns To Normal’ from the debut and a cover of the song ‘Some People’, made popular by Sir Cliff Richard back in 1987, as exclusive B-side. Check out ‘Life Returns To Normal’ now and download it with a Right Click + Save As here!


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