10 albums set to triumph in 2009

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Dead By April

As part of the whole goodbye-last-year-hello-new thingy we’ve had going on the past week, ALL SCANDINAVIAN takes a look forward and present 10 albums we expect will help make 2009 another great year in Scandinavian music – all but two debut albums and featured in no particular order. And then we ask you, who you will be keeping your eyes and ears on this year – share your thoughts and recommendations below.

Dead By April (SE) (Photo)
Title: TBC
Since we mentioned Dead By April in SpaceScan in October much has happened for the Swedish pop metallers. They have been nominated for three major music awards and inked a record deal with Universal (we’re not suggesting that all this happened because we wrote about them – we are simply laying out the timeline…). Anyway, Dead By April entered the studio just before Christmas but no release date have been made official.
ETA: Unknown
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Bellman (NO)
Title: Mainly Mute
Featured in the second to last SpaceScan in 2008 Bellman aka Arne-Johan Rauan has already stirred attention in his native Norway with his grandiose alternative pop. It’s all well deserved and plenty more should come the remarkable singer/composer’s way if his debut album keeps the promises made by the songs on his MySpace.
ETA: January 19
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Jonathan Johansson (SE)
Title: En Hand I Himlen
He’s been featured quite a bit here on ALL SCANDINAVIAN and rightfully so, because the two songs – ‘En Hand I Himlen’ and ‘Innan Vi Faller’ – Jonathan Johansson’s got out now are brilliant and thus very, very promising for his debut album. If the rest of his songs are on the same level we predict top slots on every serious Best Of 2009 list.
ETA: February 9
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Vanity Beach (SF)
Title: TBC
Vanity Beach’s 2007 EP ‘Garden of Cruelty’ is in our humble opinion plain brilliant. The Helsinki based metal/new wave/industrial/just plain cool band entered the studio last year with Johnny Lee Michaels behind the knobs and if the album is just half as amazing as we hope it will be, it’s going to be very amazing.
ETA: Unknown, but recordings are finished
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Mew (DK)
The Danish symphonic art-rockers in Mew are finally ready with the followup to massive effort ‘And The Glass Handed Kites’ (2005). It should have been released last year, but as things goes delay struck and the trio only began mixing in November. If it lives up to its predecessor it will be brilliant – if not, it should at least be great.
ETA: Unknown
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Skambankt (NO)
Title: Hardt Regn
We were very enthusiastic about the latest album from Skambankt, Kaizers Orchestra guitarist Terje Vinterstø’s side project. We have had a chance to listen to an unmastered version of the follow up, ‘Hardt Regn’ (“Hard Rain”), and if you are into shouty Norwegian balls-out punk rock (and if you’re not… What the hell is the matter with you?!) we can almost guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.
ETA: January 26
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Le Corps Mince De Françoise (SF)
Title: TBC
This Finnish trio consisting of sisters Emma and Mia Kemppainen and Malin Nyqvist just made it on the final SpaceScan of 2008. Renowned for their live performances and heavily hyped on the WWW they are now working on their debut and we can’t wait to get more of their sassy and incredibly infectious electropunk.
ETA: Unknown
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Birk Storm (DK)
Title: ‘I Don’t Care’
Through December we had the pleasure of giving you four remixes of two songs from Birk Storm’s upcoming debut album, among them instant hit and first single ‘I Don’t Care’. Expect to have your booty move to an electrofunky hit parade from the Danish session drummer gone solo artist and ALL SCANDINAVIAN favorite.
ETA: February 2
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Maskinen (SE)
Title: TBC
A year ago excellent Swedish hip hop/house outfit Maskinen (“The Machine”) – featured here – were reported to the police for smash hit ‘Alla Som Inte Dansar (Är Våldtäktsmän)’ (“Everybody not dancing are rapists”), in June they released second – equally hit-like – single ‘Segertåget’ and this month their debut hit shops and clubs everywhere.
ETA: Unknown
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Omoreka (DK)
Title: This Year
To be honest it is quite a no-brainer to predict that this album is going to do great. ‘This Year’ has been banging away on the ALL SCANDINAVIAN stereo since this SpaceScan, but for some reason the record company is taking its sweet time actually releasing the thing. Which is a pity as ‘This Year’ is a pretty darn good collection of evocative and often quite U2’esque pop-rock.
ETA: March 9
Listen: MySpace

Now, who will you be keeping your eyes and ears on this year?


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