SpaceScan11 #10: Jóan Petur and Cosmobile

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The SpaceScan selected two this Friday are (again) pretty different, with Finnish trio Cosmobile dishing out indierock with a 60s garagerock touch and Faroese singer/songwriter Jóan Petur offering pop with grandiose twists. If you’ve been around before, you know the drill. If not here it is: Read, listen, (hopefully) enjoy and then click for more. Oh, and if you have something to say feel free to leave a comment. Have a great weekend…

Cosmobile (SF) (Photo)
Hailing from Helsinki this trio dabble in catchy The Strokes-ish indierock coupled with 60s garagerock and seasoned with a dash of new wave. Cosmobile have two songs from their 2007 debut ‘Travels’ and four songs from ‘Making Do’ (2009) – among them ‘Choose Your Face’ in the player – are streaming on MySpace, so go check it out.

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Jóan Petur (FO)
From the Faroe Islands comes Jóan Petur who do singer/songwriter pop with grandiose twists along the same lines of compatriot Teitur. Petur released his debut album, ‘Bow & Arrow’, in 2008 from which five songs are streaming on MySpace, and followed up with single ‘In A Year’ (in the player) last year with a sophomore album on its way (no date yet).

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