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They’ve been a success from the very beginning, Swedish indiepop collective I’m From Barcelona. A year after forming in Jönköping they signed with EMI in 2006 and released the EP ‘Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams, Buddy!’ and full length album ‘Let Me Introduce My Friends’, earning them a nomination for a Swedish Grammy and the award for Best Newcomer at Swedish P3 Gold. In 2008 ‘Who Killed Harry Houdini?’ followed, in 2010 came ’27 Songs From Barcelona’, a one-song-per-band-member collection released as a triple vinyl, and now this third full length album titled ‘Forever Today’.

Who are they?
There are 27 of them, so… I’ll just say that Emanuel Lundgren started the band, they’re playing his songs, and he has produced and mixed ‘Forever Today’. If you want to get to know the rest of the gang, then check out the band bio on imfrombarcelona.com.

How’s the album?
Leaving the darker expression that ‘Who Killed Harry Houdini?’ possessed behind, ‘Forever Today’ is a joyous indiepop tour de force of sing-along hits, hooks and well-placed handclaps, driving beats, simple and often pretty poetic lyrics, and awesome arrangements rich on horns and choir – plus of course a touch of that very special Scandinavian melancholy. Recorded live in the studio, there’s an inescapable energy to the orchestral pop, sharing characteristics with the likes of Denmark’s Efterklang and Arcade Fire, yet Lundgren & Co. keep it all in tight reins, and the result is a remarkably coherent and consistent album, which is sure to win over both hearts and feet.

Check it out if you like:
… skipping through life with a smile on your face (and who doesn’t).

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Genre: Indiepop/Rock
Who: I’m From Barcelona
Album: Forever Today
Label: EMI
Year: 2011
Country: Sweden
Language: English
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Recommended tracks:
Charlie Parker – Always Spring – Skipping A Beat – Game Is On – Forever Today


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