Heading for Roskilde Festival 2011? Here’s what you should see…

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Roskilde Festival - Photo by Thorbjørn Hansen/RockPhoto

The people behind Roskilde Festival have received rather heavy criticism in Danish press for this year’s lineup and its lack of big (international) crowd pulling names. Nevertheless it was announced last night that all standard all-week tickets are gone, and there will again be around 80.000 people ready to party with the 170 bands. Fortunately we don’t have to worry about the international names or the lack thereof, but can concentrate on the Scandinavian part of the schedule, which again looks pretty good.

Before the official festival kicks off Thursday, June 30, Roskilde again offer live music on the Pavilion Junior stage for those hardcore festival goers taking the full week. This part of the festival is always a source of equal parts frustration and bad conscience for us, as work and other unpleasantries rarely allow us to swing by.

Anyway, the lineup is as always a sweet treat for the curious and fans of the Scandi sounds, and this year it includes quite a few bands we’ve covered here on ALL SCANDINAVIAN, latest This Is Head (SE), Essence (DK), Honningbarna (NO) and 4 Guys From The Future (DK) who we caught live at SPOT Festival a couple of weeks back. Read about that and them here – and make sure to catch them live next week.

Since nothing else’s going on – and because we do what we do with this blog – we of course suggest you check all Junior bands out, but we just have to mention Agent Fresco (ISL), Messy Shelters (DK), Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children (GRL), Fastpoholmen (SE), Little Marbles (SE), Tôg (NO) and the three hyped Danish acts Battlekat (formerly known as Just A Number 05272011), Emma Acs and Reptile & Retard, which according to rumors and this video is quite the live act.

Check out the full Pavilion Junior schedule here!

And with that on to our Scandinavian recommendations on the “regular” festival…


VETO (DK) – Orange, 6PM
This year the task of opening the main stage, Orange, is Danish electrorockers VETO’s, who released their solid third album, ‘Everything Is Amplified’, earlier this year. The quintet is a great live band, not least thanks to frontman Troels Abrahamsen, and I’ve allowed myself to set expectations to high. (PK)

1349 (NO) – Arena, 6PM
1349 is the year the bubonic plague hit Norway – so obviously one of Norway’s most extreme black metal bands are named just after that. The band is musically related to bands like Mayhem and Celtic Frost, and even if you are usually not into that sort of thing you should check them out just to see how black metal is done when it is ridiculously fast, brutally dark and just plain evil. Go see them – I dare you. (TB)

CODY (DK) – Odeon, 8PM
I’ve managed to miss americana outfit CODY’s gigs with impressive consistency over the past couple of years, so I have to take everybody else’s word for it, when they claim they’re excellent live (which everybody really does claim). Anyway, with another gig comes another opportunity… (PK)

OH LAND (DK) – Cosmopol, 8.30PM
Another artist I’ve missed entirely live (nothing personal) is Oh Land, and again I can only base this recommendation on hearsay. Which, by the way, is of the lauding kind, so head for Cosmopol Thursday night. I know I’ll try to make it there, too. (PK)

Later this year alternative rock quintet Alcoholic Faith Mission will release their third album in as many years. I’ve really liked the previous two, ‘421 Wythe Avenue’ (2009) and ‘Let This Be The Last Night We Care’ (2010), and I look forward to see them live. (PK)

LUKESTAR (NO) – Odeon, 10PM
Hailing from Norway, indierock outfit Lukestar – fronted in every way by Truls Heggero – hit Roskilde with their latest album ‘Taiga’. I’ve only heard the two songs streaming on Facebook, ‘Flying Canoes’ and ‘Taiga’, but they make nice promises, which they’ll hopefully fulfill live. (PK)


Although their latest album ‘Raven In The Grave’ has been met with mixed reviews, The Raveonettes should be worth a visit – at least if you’re in to rock embracing the past 50 years or so – and it shall be interesting to see how (and if) the massive Orange stage match Sune Wagner and Sharin Foo’s musical output. (PK)

JATOMA (DK) – Cosmopol, 8.30PM
A brand new trio comprised of Tomas Barfod (Filur, WhoMadeWho, Tomboy) and electronica young guns Electrojuice, Jatoma came in to existence while Barfod was mixing Electrojuice’s acclaimed debut ‘Solrock’. Jams turned in to a regular project and an eponymous minimalistic, ambient techno album. Now it’s time to see if it works live… (PK)

GHOST (SE) – Odeon, 1AM
Even though they released their debut album last year Ghost sound like they live in the seventies playing really, really old school metal that would make Black Sabbath proud. I’m not totally blown away by their album ‘Opus Eponymous’ but it might be one of those Roskilde moments where a concert you don’t expect much from turns out to be brilliant. Plus I give them credit for wearing masks to keep their identity a secret. I love bands that dress up for the occasion. (TB)

They tore the roof down, when they closed this year’s SPOT Festival, and if they stick to their recipe from that gig, there’s no reason it won’t happen again. WhoMadeWho are simply an awesome live force. (PK)

ICEAGE (DK) – Odeon, 3AM
The young post punk quartet from Copenhagen has been hyped like the biggest thing since sliced bread – and their debut ‘New Brigade’ certainly is interesting. Sadly I missed them at this year’s SPOT Festival, but that won’t happen at Roskilde. (TB)


Perhaps apart from “love thy neighbor”, “thou shalt not steal” and other obvious just-fucking-behave-yourself one liners, Christianity – and religion as such – isn’t traditionally the perfect match to a festival. Either way you should start your day with Jonas Petersen’s beautiful indie-psalms, which tackles doubt and sorrow without being on a missionary quest. (PK)

Assuming you’re the sleeping-in type, Swedish folk singer/songwriter The Tallest Man On Earth aka Kristian Matsson would be a perfect start to the Saturday. If you’re an early bird, he’d be equally worth a visit. (PK)

After two easy-on-ears-and-body acts, it’s time to get your everything going, and Norway’s maddest are the ones to do so. Kaizers Orchestra should be no stranger to regular readers of this blog, but if you haven’t seen them live do yourself the favor now. It’s always at the very least great. (PK)

SOILWORK (SE) – Odeon, 5PM
Soilwork is probably the band I’m most looking forward to at Roskilde 2011. Soilwork are among Sweden’s finest metal bands (and the competition is fierce!) and if they do anything other than blow my socks off I am going to be thoroughly disappointed. (TB)

LYKKE LI (SE) – Arena, 1.30AM
Touring on the back of her latest excellent album, ‘Wounded Rhymes’, Lykke Li aka Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson returns to Roskilde Festival, where she last played in 2008. Back then she was great and there’s no reason it couldn’t happen again. (PK)

It’s psychedelic, in Danish and according to rumor excellent live. Spids Nøgenhat – the Danish botanical term for magic mushrooms also known as Liberty Cap and Spitzkegliger Kahlkopf – is the perfect match to the general debauchery that’s part of every festival experience. (PK)

A so-called supergroup comprising members of Madrugada, Richochets and My Midnight Creeps, guitar-loving rockers Kitchie Kitchie Ki Me O recently released their eponymous debut album fronted by the awesome single ‘Next’ streaming on their Facebook page. Could be really, really good live… (PK)


I WAS A KING (NO) – Pavilion, 12AM
I caught Norwegian semi-psychedelic fuzz pop outfit I Was A King live at SPOT Festival back in 2009, when they toured with their eponymous sophomore album. It was good then and probably will be again, this time most likely with a set centered around their latest album, ‘Old Friends’. (PK)

THULEBASEN (DK) – Pavilion, 2PM
With Danish experimental rockers Thulebasen you never know what you’re gonna get live. Of course the songs off their debut album ‘Gate 5’ will be at the core of their set, however, it is a band built on improvisation and thus no two concerts are the same. It’s usually quite good, though… (PK)

L.O.C. (DK) – Orange, 7.30PM
If you’re curious about Danish rap (or already in to it), there’s no way around the most successful of them all, L.O.C. aka Liam O’Connor. Expect a great show lead on by his unique flow and hip hip that’s so much more than the usual bling-bling-blah-blah. (PK)

GRAVEYARD (SE) – Pavilion, 8PM
Graveyard is yet another Swedish band that seems to be stuck in the seventies – in a good way. Their sophomore effort ‘Hisingen Blues’ was released in March and sounds like a Best Of Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and Free-album. And if frontman Joakim Nilsson sings as good live as he does on records – he’s a pretty damn amazing singer. (TB)

I can honestly say that this is something I’ll miss completely, as I’ll be home in bed. Along with compatriots Timbuktu & Damn! and Prince Fatty Soundsystem (UK), Swedish 10-piece Hoffmaestro are part of the final party of this year’s Roskilde Festival Sunday night. The band unites ska and punk with electronica, funk, country and techno, and it sounds like a potentially fun live experience. (PK)



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