Q&A: PowerSolo – WHY NOT!??!

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PowerSolo - Photo by Rasmus Weng Karlsen

Kicking off this Q&A interview series the question was: What would happen if bands had their say completely free of any journalistic interference? The answer: A lot and very different things. As expected we never know what we’ll get when asking these open questions and really that’s the entertaining beauty of it.

What we did expect, however, when reaching out to Danish donkey-punksters PowerSolo, who released their great fourth album ‘BLOODSKINBONES’ yesterday, was to get something very different and indeed front madman Kim Kix delivered. So here it is: Straight up and sorta to the point, in fact saying quite a lot with very, very little…

“Atomic Child/Kim Kix – mr A/mr B – the Railthin Brothers”

“In your fuckin’ head, man…!”

“I said; in your fuckin’ head, MAN!”

“WHY NOT!??!”

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