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Back in August I featured Faroese alternative rocker Petur Pólson in a SpaceScan on the back of his third album ‘Transit’, released this summer. Following up on his 2005 debut solo album ‘Koma’ (Pólson is also ex-Clickhaze) and sophomore effort ‘Tokyó’ (2009), this third features ten alternative rock songs in rather dark robes – and I’m liking it.

Who are they?
Apart from singer, songwriter and guitarist Petur Pólson (duh), ‘Transit’ involves producer Benjamin Petersen, who’s also co-written the album, it’s mixed by Jens L. Thomsen and mastered by Tim Young, while Uni Árting did the artwork. Live Pólson’s backed by Benjamin Petersen (guitars, vocals), Lyon Hansen (organ, vocals), Jens L. Thomsen (bass, vocals), Mikael Blak (keyboards, synthesizers), Jan Rúni Poulsen (drums, percussion), Uni Árting (drums) and Rebekka Petersen (vocals).

How’s the album?
Well, back in August I’d only heard two songs, ‘Pissa Móti Vindi’ (a sort of industrial spiritual featuring 20-30 friends on claps, stomps and shouts) and ‘Alt Sum Melur’ (sounding a bit like compatriots ORKA jamming with Grinderman), and liked them both a lot. The album, however, kicks off with ‘Í Trongum Skóm’ and an unexpectedly poppy chorus – pop also the aim and essence of post-punk first single ‘Hóttafall’, which undoubtedly has the “oh-oh” singalong qualities Pólson wanted but also ends up one of the less interesting tracks – before tearing us a new one with the awesomely powerful duo ‘Alt Sum Melur’ and ‘Prika Hol Á’ (in the player).

Along with aforementioned ‘Pissa Móti Vindi’ and psychedelic blues ‘Ísspegil’ they make up my preferred half of a great album, which also offers a neat ompa organ ditty (‘Leiklok’), a spaced out near instrumental Pink Floyd moment (‘Transit’), heartfelt balladry (‘Neistarok’), and what I assume isn’t the happiest lyrical universe.

Check it out if you like:
Grinderman, ORKA and (dark) alternative rock in general…

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Genre: Alternative rock
Who: Petur Pólson
Album: Transit
Label: Tutl Records
Year: 2011
Country: Faroe Islands
Language: Faroese
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Recommended tracks:
Í Trongum Skóm – Alt Sum Melur – Prika Hol Á – Ísspegil – Pissa Móti Vindi


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