SpaceScan11 #43: Lukas Graham and Frostfelt

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Coming up in this Friday SpaceScan: Faroese electropop and Danish neo-soul, the first courtesy of one-man band Frostfelt aka Líggjas Olsen who released his six song debut EP a week ago, the latter courtesy of Lukas Graham who’s getting a lot of attention these days for his John Legend ‘n Jamiroquai first single ‘Ordinary Things’. As usual I hope you’ll enjoy both and of course the weekend.

Frostfelt (FO)
Last Friday Faroese one-man band Frostfelt aka Líggjas Olsen (Deja Vu, Steso) released his great debut EP ‘I Have A TV Set’, six melancholic electropop songs about “watching TV and falling in love” among other things produced by another Faroese one-man act, Sakaris. Check out (and buy) the EP on

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Lukas Graham (DK) (Photo)
Attention and hype is building around Lukas Graham and his band these days on the back of grand first single ‘Ordinary Things’, which has expectations to his 2012 debut album set to high. It’s funky neo-soul reminiscing acts like John Legend and Jamiroquai, and if you want to hear more than ‘Ordinary Things’ in the player, he’s got a couple of cozy low-budget videos for ‘Criminal Mind’ and ‘Drunk In The Morning’ on YouTube.

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