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I first featured Finnish electropop trio Regina here on ALL SCANDINAVIAN in a SpaceScan back in January 2009, which was followed by quite a few scribblings about the gang through that year, not least a salute to their previous and third album ‘Puutarhatrilogia’. Earlier this year they released their fourth, ‘Soita Mulle’ (“call me”, according to Google’s translation), which has received much praise already – and I’ve got a little more for the trio here:

Who are they?
Iisa Pykäri (vocals), Mikko Pykäri (guitar, bass, keys) and Mikko Rissanen (drums)

How’s the album?
Compared to ‘Puutarhatrilogia’ one major change strikes you when diving in to the nine songs on ‘Soita Mulle’ – it is in fact underlined in the very first track, ‘Unessa’ – and that’s the more prominent role of the guitar, adding an light (indie-)rocking edge to songs like ‘Jos Et Sä Soita’, ‘Harjun Takaa’ and aforementioned opening track. It is, however, still very much the Regina I know and like, serving up another impressively consistent collection of electro- ‘n j-pop pearls coated in a movingly pleasant melancholy and carried by Iisa Pykäri’s disarming and insanely charming vocal (yes, I still want to cuddle the hell out of her). One of the best albums of 2011…

Check them out if you like:
Great pop.

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Genre: Pop/Electropop
Who: Regina
Album: Soita Mulle
Label: Johanna Kustannus/Universal
Year: 2011
Country: Finland
Language: Finnish
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Recommended tracks:
Lepään Aalloilla – Jos Et Sä Soita – Päivät Valuvat – Harjun Takaa


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