The 20 Best Albums of 2011

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2011 was another splendid year in Scandinavian music and while painfully aware of all the albums in the ever-growing to-do-pile we haven’t gotten around to mention, we are still happy and proud to offer the culmination on our ALL SCANDINAVIAN year-end retrospect: The 20 Best Albums of 2011 – as we heard it.

We’ve said it before, but it can’t be said enough: Thank you so much for your support – it’s really appreciated and we hope you’ve discovered some new musical favorites and will continue to do so in 2012…

20: Dead By April (SE) – Incomparable – Within My Heart

19: Petur Pólson (FO) – Transit – Prika Hol Á

18: Dad Rocks! (ISL) – Mount Modern – Battle Hymn Of The Fox Father

17: The Interbeing (DK) – Edge Of The Obscure – Face Deletion

16: Einar Stray (NO) – Chiaroscuro – We Were The Core Seeds

15: Lykke Li (SE) – Wounded Rhymes – Get Some

14: When Saints Go Machine (DK) – Konkylie – Add Ends

13: Apparat Organ Quartet (ISL) – Pólýfónía – Macht Parat Den Apparat

12: Kvelertak (NO) – Kvelertak – Mjød

11: I’m From Barcelona (SE) – Forever Today – Charlie Parker


K-X-P (SF)
With deep, repetitive grooves coated in dark synths ‘K-X-P’ comes across as the perfect soundtrack to both dodgy-cool basement clubs and hanging on your own (preferably at night for full effect). Awesome! – Pockets


Honningbarna (NO)
La Alarmane Gå
The young Norwegians are fast, furious and have an amazing knack of writing angry yet catchy tunes with a heavy scent of frustrated teenagers, anarchy and torn leather. Oh, and there’s shouting. We do like shouting… – Fri Palestina


Klak Tik (DK)
Must We Find A Winner
Søren Bonke excites with his marvelous orchestral alternative folk debut and his sorrowful grip around your heart and gut. – Tomme Domme


Kaizers Orchestra (NO)
Violeta Violeta Volume 1
After the disappointing ‘Maskineri’ Norway’s maddest returned to life with the amazing first album of the ‘Violeta Violeta’ trilogy. – En For Orglet En For Meg


Siamese Fighting Fish (DK)
We Are The Sound
If you want to know what it would sound like if Muse, System Of A Down and Incubus went on stage in a metal club in Sarajevo and tried to outweird each other (featuring a guy playing the violin) this album is just what the doctor would order. – Vilo Moja


Regina (SF)
Soita Mulle
On their fourth full length Regina serves up another impressively consistent collection of electro- ‘n j-pop pearls coated in a movingly pleasant melancholy and carried by Iisa Pykäri’s disarming and insanely charming vocal. – Päivät Valuvat


Dead Skeletons (ISL)
Dead Magick
Death and therefore life are the central theme of this krautmarish ride of the darker regions of mind and soul with Iceland’s Dead Skeletons as competent guides. Stunning… – Dead Mantra


Harsh, dark, immensely intense, stunningly unique and mind-bogglingly awesome! In 2011 our Faroese favorites ORKA nailed it with their second album… – Tað Vakrasta


Sólstafir (ISL)
Svartir Sandar
Sólstafir’s third effort is brilliant and trying to describe it with words is really a pointless exercise. It’s weird, dark, unpredictable, psychedelic and full of agony, yearning, amazing vocals and stuff that will make you go “What the hell was that?!” If you’ve never listened to Sólstafir before we urge you to give it a try now. – Svartir Sandar


Jonathan Johansson (SE)
He came in second in 2009 with his marvelous debut, ‘En Hand I Himlen’, but last year Jonathan Johansson and his partner in crime, Johan Eckeborn, took it up a level or two with ‘Klagomuren’, which stands out so coherent and whole that I almost feel guilty to pick favorites among the nine songs and an intro. Simply another exceptional effort and the Best Album of 2011! – Centrum


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