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Delay Trees

It’s no secret to regular readers of this blog, that I fell a little bit in love with Finnish indiepop quartet Delay Trees back in 2009 when they emailed me the awesome ‘Tarantula/Holding On’. That love grew stronger with their seven song ‘Soft Construction EP’ only to see them completely win me over with their eponymous debut, which we named the Best Album Of 2010. So you can imagine how much I’ve been looking forward to the four’s second full length, ‘Doze’.

So how is it? Well, they don’t disappoint, but they don’t hit me like they did either. I guess that’s how love goes: It starts out all exciting and then loose a bit of wind along the way, settling somewhere in a generally pleasing middle with peaks of immense joy here and there (you know what I mean – get your head out of the gutter). That’s pretty much me and ‘Doze’ for you. Singles ‘Pause’ and ‘HML’ along with ‘Future’ and ‘Dream Surfer’ account for the latter, while it gets a bit going-nowhere-quite-slow in all its dreamy kraut-scape state of things in songs like ‘Decide’ and the instrumental ‘Glacier’.

‘Doze’ is a great album, though, and will most likely be found on our Best Of list when that time comes, because Delay Trees really do have something quite special and I’m definitely not out of love with them. Not by a long shot…

Recommended tracks:
Dream Surfer – HML – Pause – Future


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