Firstborn: Define Our Generation

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At first glance ‘Define Our Generation’ sounds like your run-of-the-mill post punk-ish alternative rock. Two things make Firstborn interesting, though (besides the fact that they are extremely talented): First of all, them being Swedish and all, they have an impeccable knack for writing catchy pop tunes – which most of the songs are even though they are wrapped in rock. Secondly Marcus Carlzon has a bit of an unusual voice for the genre, adding melancholy and even something vaguely resembling sorrow to all the punkish thrashing about.

If the quartet’s debut lacks anything it is consistency. The two or three weakest songs are like bean sprouts or the Swiss army: Pointless. The good songs, though, are amazing, especially the opening track ‘Is This What You Wanted?’ which has the rare quality that even though it lasts for more than five minutes you are still sorry when it’s over.

Recommended tracks:
Is This What You Wanted? – Bullshit Mentality – Suffocation


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