Complicated Universal Cum: Hello Exit Harmony/Before F And After C

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Complicated Universal Cum

Two years on from his excellent and eponymous debut as Complicated Universal Cum, Frederik Valentin released no less than two followup albums earlier this year (gathered here as one, because it makes my life a bit easier). One – ‘Before F And After C’ – is instrumental explorations of the noisier and more psychedelic corners of rock with four tracks clocking in at 38 minutes, and the other – ‘Hello Exit Harmony’ – seven songs and 36 minutes worth of Valentin’s now trademarked and awesome mix of alternative rock and catchy hooks and riffs.

The defining tracks are ‘Schwartz’ off ‘Before F And After C’, which is the Beverly Hills Cop theme paired with the darker, krautrocking regions of the soul, and ‘Hello Hello’ off ‘Hello Exit Harmony’, which is simply one of the best rock songs out there right now, but really I can’t but be impressed by the two albums as a whole and especially ‘Hello Exit Harmony’ will no doubt muscle its way on to our Best Albums of 2012 list come January. We’ve been fans for a long time and again he’s done absolutely nothing to embarrass us. Excellent!

Recommend tracks – ‘Hello Exit Harmony’:
So What If It Kills You – Home Is The Way To Go – Hello Hello – Beyond Or Below (video below)

Recommend tracks – ‘Before F And After C’:
Schwartz – Søndag


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