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Blodig Alvor - Photo by Christl Ellingsen

First of all an admission: ‘Blodig Alvor’ isn’t exactly a new album. It isn’t even new-ish. It is from last year. It is, however, all kinds of awesome and I have been slapping myself silly for not discovering this great Norwegian punk band before. Anyway, Indie Recordings have in fact recognized Blodig Alvor’s talent and will be releasing Blodig Alvor’s first major label album, ‘Mørkets Frembrud’ early next year.

But before that you should give the band’s self-released, self-produced eponymous debut album a listen. The combination of young men, anger and electrically amplified instruments has spawned many great albums throughout history and ‘Blodig Alvor’ is one of them: Balls-out punk with a dash of classic rock, cock-rock guitar solos and lyrics quivering with fuck-the-system-attitude.

Recommended tracks:
Mr. Molotow – Ligegyldighetens Søvn – Blodig Alvor – Var Resignasjon


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