The 20 Best Albums of 2012

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200 - Photo by Bárður Eklund

The time has come for the culmination on this week’s ALL SCANDINAVIAN year-end retrospect: The 20 Best Albums of 2012 – as we heard it. Last year was another great year in Scandinavian music and while painfully aware of all the albums in the ever-growing to-do-pile we haven’t gotten around to mention, we are still happy and proud to offer you this list of the albums that really stood out for us.

It’s perhaps a somewhat controversial list – or, at the very least not like all the other, which we think is a good thing. It’s a list with a 2011 album (because a promise were given). There are two bands who have two albums featured. It’s a list showing that last year really was a rock year. And it’s a list with very political bands in the top two slots.

Anyway, before we leave you to it, we’ll just quickly repeat ourselves: Thank you so much for your support – it’s really appreciated and we hope you’ve discovered some new musical favorites and will continue to do so in 2013…

20: Big Fox (SE) – Big Fox – Why, Oh Why

19: The Fallen Divine (NO) – The Binding Cycle – Dissension

18: Complicated Universal Cum (DK) – Hello Exit Harmony/Before F And After C – Hello Hello

17: The Hives (SE) – Lex Hives – Go Right Ahead

16: Spleen United (DK) – School Of Euphoria – Days Of Thunder

15: Lakei (NO) – Konspirasjoner – Ansikter

14: WhoMadeWho (DK) – Brighter – The Sun

13: Delay Trees (SF) – Doze – HML

12: Kúra (DK/ISL) – Halfway To The Moon – Anchor

11: Susanne Sundfør (NO) – The Silicone Veil – White Foxes


Pétur Ben (ISL)
God’s Lonely Man
Six years on from his debut Pétur Ben finally rewarded our patience with another excellent rock album. – God’s Lonely Man


Dunderbeist (NO)
Black Arts & Crooked Tails & Songs Of The Buried
Like Complicated Universal Cum Norway’s Dunderbeist have two albums on this year’s Best Albums list, because they’re both awesome. Here’s more on the latest, ‘Songs Of The Buried’, and here the first, ‘Black Arts & Crooked Tails’. – Father Serpent


Goat (SE)
World Music
With a sound like The Meters on acid in Ethiopia Swedish trio Goat captured our hearts with their debut album ‘World Music’. – Goatman


Efterklang (DK)
With their ability to travel to the outskirts of music without loosing touch with our common home that is pop, Efterklang served us another marvelous album last year. – Apples


Murmansk (SF)
Finnish shoegaze ‘n noiserock quartet Murmansk’s third album is a gutsy one and the sixth best album of 2012. – Mercury


The Megaphonic Thrift (NO)
The Megaphonic Thrift
Norwegian noiserockers The Megaphonic Thrift blew us away and ripped us to pieces with their eponymous sophomore effort. – Tune Your Mind


Simian Ghost (SE)
Swedes know pop, we all know that, and no Swede knew it better last year than Simian Ghost aka Sebastian Arnström on his second album. – Wolf Girl


Kontinuum (ISL)
Earth Blood Magic
Icelandic quartet Kontinuum’s debut ‘Earth Blood Magic’ is easily the best psychedelic progressive kraut-metal album we heard all last year and thus it is number three on this list. – Moonshine


The Savage Rose (DK)
Love And Freedom
Last year Annisette and her band showed every retro-rocking band out there how it’s supposed to be done with their hauntingly soulful rock masterpiece and The Savage Rose’s 21. album since 1968. – The Messenger


200 (FO)
Sometimes all it takes is 25 minutes. Not least when they’re as sublime as on 200s album ‘Vendetta’. Through it Mikael Blak, Niels Arge Galán and Uni Árting not only wipe their asses with so many of the bands riding the new wave of punk in Scandinavia these days – they do it while extending well-placed and heartfelt Fuck You!’s to the fearmongering political right sympathies dominating public debate these days. You know, actually taking a stand. And that counts for quite a bit in out book… – Brúka Tína Makt


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