Honningbarna: Offerdans

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Boy, 2013 is going to be a great year if you like your Norwegians angry and shouty (and who doesn’t?). Blodig Alvor, The Regent and Man The Machetes will or have already released their debut albums and we are looking forward to Kvelertak’s and Honningbarna’s sophomore efforts. The latter’s is due in March but the first single ‘Offerdans’ is now available in video form for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Honningbarna have proclaimed that the sound on the album will be “a bit heavier” than on the debut ‘La Alarmane Gå’, but judging from the first single they haven’t messed much with their tried-and-tested formula: The song lasts 2.55 minutes, goes off with a bang, ends with a bang and the middle part is pretty banging as well.


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