Cody: Fractures

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Cody - Photo by Christian Klintholm

Released in Denmark last year to great critical acclaim, Cody’s second full length ‘Fractures’ was released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium this Monday, and seeing how I shamefully kept this album a secret to you then (yes, of course I believe we are your only source of Scandinavian music – you’re not cheating on us, are you?) I’ll take this opportunity to tell you to get it and let it win you over.

Compared to the debut, ‘Songs’, frontman and principal songwriter Kasper Kaae has added Efterklang-ish alternative pop elements to his melancholic americana without compromising the everything that made Cody interesting in the first place. Rather he’s improved that everything and – along with his six partners in crime – created an album where every single song could be recommended below and an album probably best described as freakin’ brilliant. So again: Go get it and let it win you over. Because it will.

Recommended tracks:
Disharmony – Grey Birds – Mirror – Caroline – Close The Door


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