No Sign Of Life: Embrace Your Demons

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No Sign Of Life

When I first listened to ’Embrace Your Demons’ by Finland’s No Sign Of Life I thought: “This isn’t anything new, but it’s pretty good though.” Second time around I thought the same thing, and by now I have been through the album twenty times or so and it still sounds like many other hardcore/melodic death metal/groove metal albums. But I keep pressing repeat because it’s really, really good.

The interchanging between growls and clean vocals works, the riffs are not spectacular but certainly air guitar-worthy, and while not stunningly original ‘Embrace Your Demons’ is diverse and well executed enough to stay interesting. It may be meat-and-potatoes-metal, but there’s nothing wrong with meat nor potatoes.

Recommended tracks:
Ghost – Walls Melt Down – Enemies Of Choice – The Wounds Of Nature


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