Jón Ólafsson & Futuregrapher: Eitt Categories: Albums • Alternative • Iceland Jón Ólafsson & Futuregrapher: Eitt The album cover is water and it's (obviously) not a coincidence. Both as I assume cover designer Sig Vicious knows what he's doing and as the music of Jón Ólafsson and Futuregrapher aka Árni Grétar on their first joint effort, 'Eitt', is like water on a clear morning. Quietly flowing, ... (Click To Continue Reading)
De Underjordiske: Ind I Flammerne Categories: Albums • Denmark • Rock De Underjordiske: Ind I Flammerne Decades after its birth in the 60's acid rock is all the rage again in Denmark. The frontrunners of the rebirth of the genre have been Spids Nøgenhat, who – after a 12 year hiatus – released the massively successful album 'Kommer Med Fred' ("come in peace") in 2013 and ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Grave Pleasures: Dreamcrash Categories: Albums • Finland • Rock • Sweden Grave Pleasures: Dreamcrash In 2013 the Finnish band Beastmilk released the album 'Climax' which earned rave reviews both in Finland and the rest of the world. Sadly it was indeed the climax of Beastmilks short career. The band split up earlier this year after the departure of guitarist Johan "Goatspeed" Snell, but luckily ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Drowned Session: Home To The Wind Categories: Albums • Alternative • Denmark • Faroe Islands Drowned Session: Home To The Wind Back in April I shared two videos off Faroese/Danish Drowned Session's album 'Home To The Wind'. Following up on the EP 'Horses' from last year the new album offers a great and dark addition to the nordicana scene with more alt-folk as well as a few alt-rock punches, while wrestling ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Myrkur: M Categories: Albums • Denmark • Metal Myrkur: M Danish Black metal artist Myrkur's epononymous debut EP was labelled by her record company as "a wholly unique perspective on the genre". That is quite a stretch as Myrkyr - who goes by the civil name Amalie Bruun - didn't exactly invent the combination of black metal with beautiful clean ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Skurken: Nónfjall Categories: Albums • Electronica • Iceland Skurken: Nónfjall I have to admit that I can't recall having come across Skurken aka Jóhann Ómarsson before, but apparently the Icelandic electronica artist is now on his fourth album. I might just have to go back and check out his previous work, because 'Nónfjall' is a great 10-track tour of light ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Cityman: EP Categories: Albums • Finland • Pop Cityman: EP They're both drummers for several Finnish alternative outfits such as K-X-P, Zebra & Snake and Circle, but now - after a failed attempt at techno as Alpo Ja Tomi - Alpo Nummelin and Tomi Leppänen have decided to test their abilities as pop smiths on the side under the moniker ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Línt: Then They Came For Us Categories: Albums • Norway • Rock Línt: Then They Came For Us A year and a couple of months ago I shared 'Mierka' with you, a beautiful slice of post-rock that served as first taste off Norwegian six-piece Línt's debut full length. Titled 'Then They Came For Us' it was released this Spring and if you're into post-rock spiced up with elements ... (Click To Continue Reading)
This Is Head: This Is Head Categories: Albums • Rock • Sweden This Is Head: This Is Head It's no secret that This Is Head made us big fans with the greatest of ease when they released their most excellent debut ‘0001’ in 2010. The followup, 'The Album ID' (2013), was just as great - perhaps even better - and really added to our expectations to what might ... (Click To Continue Reading)
F. Valentin: Amager Strand Categories: Albums • Denmark • Electronica F. Valentin: Amager Strand There are two words we have used more often than any others when talking about our favorite Frederik Valentin (Complicated Universal Cum, Rock Hard Power Spray, Vomit Supreme and many more), and that's "uncompromising" and "awesome". They are about to be repeated as the Dane's new album - and first ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Man The Machetes: Av Nag Categories: Albums • Norway • Rock Man The Machetes: Av Nag One of the best punk albums to come out of Norway in 2013 (and the supply was almost endless) was Man The Machetes' debut album 'Idiokrati'. So, that should be a tough act to follow, right? Not really. Man The Machetes eats "the difficult second album" clichés for breakfast with ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Jennie Abrahamson: Gemini Gemini Categories: Albums • Alternative • Sweden Jennie Abrahamson: Gemini Gemini On her fourth album - the first UK release - Swedish singer/songwriter Jennie Abrahamson filter Kate Bush and the 80s through compatriots like Robyn, The Knife and Lykke Li to a 10 song collection of alternative (synth-)pop that aim to move hearts and, every once in a while, feet. It's ... (Click To Continue Reading)
23:23: Drifter Categories: Albums • Alternative • Finland 23:23: Drifter This post takes its title from an album originally released last year. There's an explanation for that (other than me forgetting to tell you about it last year), because a little while back it was re-released as part of an album trilogy on Soliti Music. Behind the moniker 23:23 hides ... (Click To Continue Reading)
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