Eline Thorp: Mirror’s Edge Categories: Albums • Norway • Pop Eline Thorp: Mirror's Edge It's been a long time coming, the debut album from Norwegian songstress Eline Thorp, but 'Mirror's Edge' can only be said to have been worth the wait. The 20 year-old preacher's daughter began making waves some three years ago when she inked a deal with Beyond Records, not least thanks ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Meadows End: The Sufferwell Categories: Albums • Metal • Sweden Meadows End: The Sufferwell You can’t accuse Meadows End for rushing things through. They played together for almost a decade before releasing their debut album and now we have had to wait for four years for them to make the followup, 'The Sufferwell'. Luckily it's been worth the wait. While the Swedes debut 'Ode ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Buspin Jieber: Night Drive EP Categories: Albums • Electronica • Iceland Buspin Jieber: Night Drive EP Also known as Murya, Gudmundur Ingi Gudmundsson has now released what appears to be his first EP as Buspin Jieber, an alias used to "explore the passion of his youth" - a passion seemingly counting albums by Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis among its igniters. Because the 'Night Drive EP' ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Black Twig: Heliogram Categories: Albums • Finland • Rock Black Twig: Heliogram On Monday Finnish indierock quartet Black Twig released their second album, 'Heliogram' (out in Finland back in February), in Germany with UK to follow later in 2014. Compared to the lauded debut, 'Paper Trees', they have brought down the shoegazing noise a bit here, but other than that not much ... (Click To Continue Reading)
SLOWOLF: Bounty + Wolf Grey Categories: Albums • Denmark • Urban SLOWOLF: Bounty + Wolf Grey Back in April SLOWOLF aka Andreas Asingh launched #slowolffridays which - as the name imply - is a 10 songs in 10 Fridays project culminating next Friday to coincide with his second concert at Roskilde Festival. All songs are also released on two EPs, 'Bounty' (out May 26) and 'Wolf ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Heidra: Awaiting Dawn Categories: Albums • Denmark • Metal Heidra: Awaiting Dawn Every year the record label Mighty Music hosts Mighty Fight Night where a handful of promising Danish metal bands compete for a record deal and an appearance at the Copenhell festival. This year Copenhagen based Heidra wiped the floor with the (indeed strong) competition. Listening to the band’s debut album, ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Siinai: Supermarket Categories: Albums • Finland • Rock Siinai: Supermarket Claiming a supermarket as inspiration for anything more than a spontaneous killing spree is a courageous move, but somehow Finnish prog-rock quartet Siinai pull it off. 'Prisma' might not be very supermarket-y, 'Smiling Cashier' perhaps only so by title (a bit more freaky than smiling, that cashier), but I feel ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Blaue Blume: Beau & Lorette Categories: Albums • Alternative • Denmark Blaue Blume: Beau & Lorette This quartet might not be strangers to you as their debut single, 'On New Years Eve', quickly earned them a great reputation and chart success last year. Since then 'Helen' and 'Jealousy' followed and last week finally Blaue Blume's official EP debut, 'Beau & Lorette', which should only add to ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Alice Boman: EP II & Skisser Categories: Albums • Alternative • Sweden Alice Boman: EP II & Skisser So, Alice Boman's debut full length is in fact two EPs - 'Skisser' (“sketches” in Swedish) released last year, and 'EP II' released both on this album and as standalone EP last week - and you can hear that through the eleven songs. First half is the latest, sporting a ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Shape Of Colour: Alive Categories: Albums • Finland • Metal Shape Of Colour: Alive Hardcore/post-rock is all the rage these days and while there are a lot of great bands out there, there are also quite a few that are essentially pointless. Shape Of Colour isn't one of the latter. The Finnish five-piece just released their debut EP, 'Alive', and it is indeed alive ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Electric Eye: Pick-Up, Lift-Off, Space, Time Categories: Albums • Norway • Rock Electric Eye: Pick-Up, Lift-Off, Space, Time So, yeah, this album's been out for a year, but since I haven't shared it with you properly yet (a taste here and there) and since they really got me with their concert at SPOT Festival at the beginning of this month, I figured a quick writeup on Electric Eye's ... (Click To Continue Reading)
NovemberDecember: From The Swing, Into The Deep Categories: Albums • Denmark • Rock NovemberDecember: From The Swing, Into The Deep One of the bands I caught live at SPOT Festival a few weeks back is Danish indiefolk quintet NovemberDecember, who released their debut album, 'From The Swing, Into The Deep', at the beginning of the year. It's an album placing them solidly on the new folk/americana scene made popular by ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Todd Terje: It’s Album Time Categories: Albums • Electronica • Norway Todd Terje: It's Album Time Ten years in to his career Todd Terje has finally released his debut full length, 'It's Album Time'. Comprising 12 tracks - four previously released on the EP 'It's the Arps' ('Inspector Norse', 'Swing Star Pt. 1 + 2') and single 'Strandbar' - it's a great addition to the new ... (Click To Continue Reading)
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