Marius Ziska: Home/Heim Categories: Albums • Alternative • Faroe Islands Marius Ziska: Home/Heim Although named after frontman and songwriter Hans Marius Weihe Ziska, Marius Ziska is a band. And a seven-piece at that (even though no band photo counting all seems to exist). 'Home/Heim' is their second full length and it is an album of one half alternative pop 'n post-rock and one ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Taxi Taxi: Floating Forever Categories: Alternative • Sweden • Videos Taxi Taxi: Floating Forever It's been a few years since I last lend my ears to Swedish twin sisters Taxi Taxi aka Johanna and Miriam Tewolde Berhan, and apparently they haven't released anything in that time. So that explains it, I guess. In 2009 it was alt-folk on Efterklang's label, Rumraket, but on their ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Lasse Passage: Stop Making Sense And Start Making Success Vol. 3 Categories: Albums • Alternative • Norway Lasse Passage: Stop Making Sense And Start Making Success Vol. 3 Last year Norwegian singer/songwriter Lasse Passage aka Lasse p. Nøsted released two EPs titled 'Stop Making Sense And Start Making Success Vol. 1' and 2. I missed the second one in the tidal wave of music hitting these shores, but I'll get a second chance with that come October when ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Drowned Session: Everything Gets Open Categories: Alternative • Denmark • Faroe Islands • Videos Drowned Session: Everything Gets Open About a year ago Drowned Session first graced this page with their presence and a taste of their first EP, 'Horses'. In a month or so the Danish/Faroese quartet will follow up on that with more alt-folk on the EP 'Home To The Wind' from which 'Nikolai Bukharin' and 'Everything ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Firewoodisland: Molehills Categories: Alternative • Norway • Videos Firewoodisland: Molehills Last year I featured Firewoodisland a couple of times, first with their debut EP 'ILD' and later the video for EP opening track 'Simon'. Now it's time to let you in on their latest offering, 'Molehills', which is another quite excellent piece of indiefolk that also comes with this great ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Alcoholic Faith Mission: Another You Categories: Alternative • Denmark • Videos Alcoholic Faith Mission: Another You June 15 Alcoholic Faith Mission release their first album in the UK. Titled 'Orbitor' and recorded with producer Brian Batz (Sleep Party People) it seems to mark an evolution in sound by the Danish alternative pop collective, founded one drunken night in Brooklyn in 2006 by Thorben Seierø Jensen and ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Geislar: Secret Categories: Alternative • Iceland • Tracks Geislar: Secret A supergroup comprising a string of Iceland's finest in jazz and alternative pop and rock Geislar has a - as far as I can tell - fresh debut album out titled 'Containing The Dark' with two singles, 'Stone Cold Stone' and 'Secret' released four and three months ago respectively (both ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Hey Elbow: Martin Categories: Alternative • Sweden • Videos Hey Elbow: Martin Signed to one of our favorite Swedish labels, Adrian Recordings, Hey Elbow (aka Julia Ringdahl, vocals and guitar, Ellen Petersson, horns and electronics, Liam Amner, drums) will release their debut album next year. So far two tastes of their wall of sound alternative pop have made waves wherever they have ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Steso: Kav Categories: Alternative • Faroe Islands • Tracks Steso: Kav Hergeir Staksberg is back under his moniker Steso, which basically functions as a musical collective sporting on/off appearances by a number of Faroese musicians. The new single is titled 'Kav' and stands as one of the best Steso songs so far in it's soothingly catchy alternative pop-ness. Excellent... (Click To Continue Reading)
Hisser: Park Fiction Categories: Alternative • Finland • Videos Hisser: Park Fiction Disco Ensemble frontman, Miikka Koivisto, has embarked on a solo journey as Hisser, and his first offering is 'Park Fiction', an intricate alternative pop track featuring Seidi Guzejev and not entirely unlike his compatriots in Rubik. Looking forward to more... (Click To Continue Reading)
Firewoodisland: Simon Categories: Alternative • Norway • Videos Firewoodisland: Simon In September I featured the debut EP, 'ILD', by Cardiff based Norwegian Stian Vedøy and his Welsh partners in Firewoodisland. It's an EP sporting five indiefolk songs along the same lines of Bon Iver, Mumford & Sons and fellow Scandinavians Of Monsters And Men, and now there's a neat DIY ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Sóley: Krómantík Categories: Albums • Alternative • Iceland Sóley: Krómantík Three years ago Sóley Stefánsdóttir released her excellent alternative pop debut album, 'We Sink', under the moniker Sóley and according to plan a second will follow next year. As an overture to that - although we are probably talking two quite different expressions - she released the album she's wanted ... (Click To Continue Reading)
DF5K: Kioto Categories: Alternative • Finland • Tracks • Videos DF5K: Kioto Hailing from Oulu DF5K is another of those bands that won't tell us much about themselves (other than that they apparently like french fries), but as far as I can gather they got together back in 2012 and the result so far is three tracks, a remix and most recently ... (Click To Continue Reading)
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