Eivør: Bridges & Slør Categories: Albums • Alternative • Faroe Islands Eivør: Bridges & Slør It's not that often an artist put out two albums in one year (Dunderbeist and Complicated Universal Cum the ones jumping to mind with their 2012 releases), but this was the case for Faroese songstress Eivør who released album number nine and ten and her first solo effort(s) since 2012's ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Lasse Passage: Stop Making Sense And Start Making Success Categories: Albums • Alternative • Norway Lasse Passage: Stop Making Sense And Start Making Success Last year Lasse Passage aka Lasse P. Nøsted launched his ambitious 'Stop Making Sense And Start Making Success' EP project, which consists of four releases of sonic experiments and fairly straight up man-and-his-guitar folk songwriting. I have told you about Vol. 1 and Vol. 3 (I missed the very experimental ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Sóley: Don’t Ever Listen Categories: Albums • Alternative • Iceland Sóley: Don't Ever Listen This summer Sóley released her second full length album, 'Ask The Deep', as a followup to her 2011 debut, 'We Sink', and last year's somewhat surprising EP 'Krómantík', which was more classical than her trademark alternative pop and apparently the first in a trilogy of EPs where focus is on ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Blaue Blume: Syzygy Categories: Albums • Alternative • Denmark Blaue Blume: Syzygy Last year Blaue Blume impressed with their debut EP, 'Beau & Lorette', and Friday they finally followed up with their first full length, 'Syzygy'. Here they offer ten dreamy art-rock love songs worth of the mellower EP moments with beautiful highs in opening duo 'Candy' and 'Sky', ballad 'Tranquil Curtains', ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Jaga Jazzist: Starfire Categories: Albums • Alternative • Norway Jaga Jazzist: Starfire It's been five years since we last heard from Norwegian legends Jaga Jazzist, but earlier this year their latest album, 'Starfire', dropped. Here the 8-piece band, which was founded by siblings Lars, Line and Martin Horntveth back in 1994, serves up five mind-boggling excursions of their trademark fusion of jazz ... (Click To Continue Reading)

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