Astrid Swan: Astrid4 Categories: Albums • Alternative • Finland Astrid Swan: Astrid4 She's been with us here on ALL SCANDINAVIAN pretty much since the beginning, 'Spartan Picnic' featured in September 2008 and 'Better Than Wages' a year later, and now Astrid Swan's fourth album - if you're not counting her 2011 Pavement covers album, 'Hits (Pavement For Girls)' - has made its ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Nancy: Tokyo Soul/Yugatshu Categories: Alternative • Finland • Videos Nancy: Tokyo Soul/Yugatshu Last year progressive rock quartet Nancy released their excellent debut, 'IDDQD', and a little while back double video single 'Tokyo Soul/Yugatshu' hit the AS inbox, showing that the four Finns seem to have no problems facing the daunting task of following up on a success. They promised more would follow ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Mammút: Ströndin Categories: Alternative • Iceland • Tracks Mammút: Ströndin At the Icelandic Music Awards gala a few weeks ago Mammút came out one of the big winners with awards for Record of the Year for their album 'Komdu Til Mín Svarta Systir', Best Album Cover, and Song of the Year with lead single 'Salt'. It doesn't look like the ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Call Me: Disclosed Categories: Alternative • Sweden • Tracks Call Me: Disclosed She released two tracks last year ('Easy' and 'Fishes'), but they are no longer available to stream (at least not as far as I can be bothered to Google). Too bad, because by the sound of Call Me aka Anna Nordenström's new single 'Disclosed' (released Monday) they could've been a ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Dad Rocks!: Year Of The Flesh Categories: Albums • Alternative • Iceland Dad Rocks!: Year Of The Flesh A couple of weeks ago we had the great pleasure of premiering first single 'Peers' (also here) off the second full length by Iceland born, Copenhagen based Dad Rocks! aka Snævar Njáll Albertsson. Then I revealed that 'Year Of The Flesh' was quite excellent - you know, building up a ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Kristian Harting: Float Categories: Albums • Alternative • Denmark Kristian Harting: Float Having paid his dues in a bunch of more or less under the radar thrash metal and noise rock bands the past 15 years (DreamJockey perhaps the most well known), Kristian Bjerre Harting has finally released a solo debut album. Written, played, and produced by the alternative singer/songwriter alone, 'Float' ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Dad Rocks!: Peers Categories: Alternative • Iceland • Tracks Dad Rocks!: Peers Exclusive: A day before everyone else I have the profound pleasure of sharing the first single off 'Year Of The Flesh', the second album by Iceland's Dad Rocks!. Titled 'Peers' it is a perfect first single selection embracing everything that is Dad Rocks! (also known as Snævar Njáll Albertsson) and ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Bloody Beach: Bloody Beach Pirate Radio Presents Categories: Albums • Alternative • Norway Bloody Beach: Bloody Beach Pirate Radio Presents A few days ago Norwegian quintet Bloody Beach, who I first featured in a SpaceScan back in 2011, released their debut album 'Bloody Beach Pirate Radio Presents' digitally with a physical edition coming out later. Preceded by two singles with accompanying videos - 'Disco Impaler' and latest 'Solitude' - it's ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Five years of Music Alliance Pact mixtapes Categories: Alternative • Denmark • Electronica • Features • Metal • Pop • Rock • Tracks • Urban Five years of Music Alliance Pact mixtapes Today, March 15, marks ALL SCANDINAVIAN's fifth year anniversary as Denmark's representative in the global blog network, Music Alliance Pact. It's been fun and an absolute pleasure selecting the 58 tracks (61 if you also count the three so far in 2014) of which many have been MAP exclusive downloads, ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Kostcirkeln: Pang Categories: Albums • Alternative • Sweden Kostcirkeln: Pang In a short while - it went to press yesterday - Kostcirkeln aka Qarin Wikström and her henchmen will release the final EP in the trilogy they kicked off with 'Bästa Vän' back in 2012. Titled 'Pang' (I'm guessing it's 'Pang' although it's called 'EP#3 mix' below, but that - ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Drowned Session: Stalingrad Categories: Alternative • Denmark • Faroe Islands • Tracks • Videos Drowned Session: Stalingrad March 24 Faroese/Danish quartet Drowned Session release their first EP, 'Horses', following up on the two song 7" single 'Conversation With Cora' from last year. The EP is five songs worth of alt-folk with a bit of the same theatrical expression exercised by also Faroese Budam and Dánjal while tipping ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Lasse Passage: Stop Making Sense And Start Making Success Vol. 1 Categories: Alternative • Norway • Tracks Lasse Passage: Stop Making Sense And Start Making Success Vol. 1 A short while back Norwegian singer/songwriter Lasse Passage released the first of four EPs to be released between now and May. 'Stop Making Sense And Start Making Success Vol. 1' (bet you can guess the titles of the other three already) is a man-and-his-guitar folk in heart and soul, but ... (Click To Continue Reading)
North Fall: Protocol Categories: Alternative • Denmark • Videos North Fall: Protocol A fortnight ago I shared my quite positive thoughts on North Fall aka Anders Belling's indie-folk debut album, 'Outside It's Growing Light', and today I'm happy to be able to share the Magnus Benjamin Krog directed video for single 'Protocol' a day before pretty much anyone else (exclusivity rules!). Enjoy... (Click To Continue Reading)
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