HULDA: Every Drop Categories: Electronica • Faroe Islands • Tracks HULDA: Every Drop Here's a brand new project coming to you from the Faroe Islands: HULDA. I don't know that much about it other than it's a lady doing alternative electropop in close collaboration with ORKA founder Jens L. Thomsen. That she's working on her debut album and has released two singles so ... (Click To Continue Reading)
HIMBRIM: Running In Circles Categories: Electronica • Iceland • Tracks • Videos HIMBRIM: Running In Circles Hailing from Hafnarfjörður, Iceland, HIMBRIM aka just Auðunn Lúthersson and Þórdís Björk Þorfinnsdóttir (even though there are three on the photo) dabble in slightly artsy and really catchy electropop with nods to both the 1980s and 1990s. ‘Running In Circles’ is their one official release - here with a video ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Sin Cos Tan: Blown Away Categories: Albums • Electronica • Finland Sin Cos Tan: Blown Away Third time’s a charm, it’s said, and it’s definitely the case with this blog and mentions of Sin Cos Tan albums: ‘Blown Away’ is their third and it’s the first time we do an album recommendation (we have featured the Finnish duo a few times, though - here, here and ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Musique Le Pop: l’été EP Categories: Albums • Electronica • Norway Musique Le Pop: l’été EP Last year Musique Le Pop had a bit of a blogosphere hit with their great single ’Turn To Sand’, and a couple of months ago the Norwegian electropop trio followed up with their debut EP, ‘l’été EP’ (“summer” in French). It’s a perfectly titled release and will extend the feeling ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Tomas Barfod: Love Me Categories: Albums • Denmark • Electronica Tomas Barfod: Love Me Twenty-some years ago I went to boarding school with Tomas Barfod. Then a very accomplished (jazz) drummer he surprised most - at least most of us, his fellow students - when suddenly charting as half of electropop duo Filur (his later work with WhoMadeWho making a bit more immediate sense), ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Buspin Jieber: Night Drive EP Categories: Albums • Electronica • Iceland Buspin Jieber: Night Drive EP Also known as Murya, Gudmundur Ingi Gudmundsson has now released what appears to be his first EP as Buspin Jieber, an alias used to "explore the passion of his youth" - a passion seemingly counting albums by Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis among its igniters. Because the 'Night Drive EP' ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Todd Terje: It’s Album Time Categories: Albums • Electronica • Norway Todd Terje: It's Album Time Ten years in to his career Todd Terje has finally released his debut full length, 'It's Album Time'. Comprising 12 tracks - four previously released on the EP 'It's the Arps' ('Inspector Norse', 'Swing Star Pt. 1 + 2') and single 'Strandbar' - it's a great addition to the new ... (Click To Continue Reading)
The Knife: Without You My Life Would Be Boring Categories: Electronica • Sweden • Videos The Knife: Without You My Life Would Be Boring June 20 The Knife will release a mini-album with new versions of eight of their tracks (called Shaken-Up versions), which were created especially for the band's recent North American leg of their Shaking The Habitual Tour. The first taste of the new old is 'Without You My Life Would Be ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Sin Cos Tan: Destroyer Categories: Electronica • Finland • Tracks • Videos Sin Cos Tan: Destroyer I've been impressively resolute in not reviewing Sin Cos Tan's two albums, the eponymous debut from 2012 and 'Afterlife' released last year, and I honestly can't tell you why. I have featured 'Limbo' from 'Afterlife' and 'Trust' off the debut earlier and I really like the synthpop stuff Jori Hulkkonen ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Disa: Stones Categories: Electronica • Iceland • Videos Disa: Stones A year and six days ago I featured the new Disa for the first time (the Icelandic songstress has been through quite a change musically since her eponymous 2008 debut as Dísa) with the excellently dramatic 'Sun'. Back in February a second single, 'Stones' produced by Brian Batz (Sleep Party ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Kajak: Gold Crowned Eagle Categories: Electronica • Iceland • Tracks • Videos Kajak: Gold Crowned Eagle Iceland's Kajak have just two singles out ('Indiana' and 'Gold Crowned Eagle'), but already a bit of a buzz is building around cousins Hreinn Elíasson and Sigurmon H. Sigurðsson. Which makes all the sense you could imagine as the two really has something special going on, embracing electronic elements from ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Apian: Breathless Categories: Denmark • Electronica • Videos Apian: Breathless Nine years ago Apian aka Søren Mejer Hansen (formerly known as Peak) released his first solo EP, 'Makin' Me Fly', and now he's gearing up to put out a followup come fall. First single 'Breathless' was released earlier this year and it is a pleasingly familiar 3+ minutes of melancholic ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Samaris: Ég Vildi Fegin Verda Categories: Electronica • Iceland • Videos Samaris: Ég Vildi Fegin Verda Almost exactly three years ago Icelandic trip hop electropop trio Samaris were half of one of our then weekly SpaceScans. Then just a six months old band, they'd already won the band battle competition, The Icelandic Music Experiments, but had yet to release anything. Since then I have to admit ... (Click To Continue Reading)
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