Oceans: Thrill Categories: Albums • Electronica • Finland Oceans: Thrill Premiere: Friday, October 30, Oceans aka Efe Tekkanat releases his second EP, 'Thrill', on one of our favorite Finnish labels, Soliti. A man in his early twenties Tekkanat started out musically in the punk band Koullut Kulma ("blind spot" according to Google Translate) before moving on to the music software ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Sin Cos Tan: Ten Years Categories: Electronica • Finland • Tracks Sin Cos Tan: Ten Years After three lauded albums (latest 'Blown Away' from last year) Sin Cos Tan change the pace a bit with 'Ten Years', the first single off their forthcoming EP 'Smile Tomorrow Will Be Worse' (out October 23). Compared to their previous work Jori Hulkkonen and Juho Paalosmaa turn up the club ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Skurken: Nónfjall Categories: Albums • Electronica • Iceland Skurken: Nónfjall I have to admit that I can't recall having come across Skurken aka Jóhann Ómarsson before, but apparently the Icelandic electronica artist is now on his fourth album. I might just have to go back and check out his previous work, because 'Nónfjall' is a great 10-track tour of light ... (Click To Continue Reading)
F. Valentin: Amager Strand Categories: Albums • Denmark • Electronica F. Valentin: Amager Strand There are two words we have used more often than any others when talking about our favorite Frederik Valentin (Complicated Universal Cum, Rock Hard Power Spray, Vomit Supreme and many more), and that's "uncompromising" and "awesome". They are about to be repeated as the Dane's new album - and first ... (Click To Continue Reading)
DíSA: Sculpture Categories: Albums • Electronica • Iceland DíSA: Sculpture Icelandic songstress Bryndís Jakobsdóttir has been with us for a while in different incarnations here, here and here, but right here she debuts as DíSA with the EP 'Sculpture'. I've shared a couple of tastes with you back in March, both making promises the EP easily keeps. It's dark, mid- ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Vök: Circles Categories: Albums • Electronica • Iceland Vök: Circles Shortly after forming in 2013 Vök won the annual band contest Músíktilraunir (the Icelandic equivalent of Battle of the Bands), and last year they released their debut EP, 'Tension', to quite the hype. Friday 'Circles' followed and I see no immediate reason why the new EP - co-produced by Biggi ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Buspin Jieber: We Came As We Left Categories: Albums • Electronica • Iceland Buspin Jieber: We Came As We Left Last year Buspin Jieber aka Murya (who holds producing credits here) aka Gudmundur Ingi Gudmundsson (who is credited as songwriter) released his first EP as Buspin Jieber. It's an alias used to "explore the passion of his youth" (its formative years in the 1980s no doubt), and he does it ... (Click To Continue Reading)
HULDA: HULDAsound Categories: Albums • Electronica • Faroe Islands HULDA: HULDAsound Back in October I featured a couple of singles by Faroese electropopster HULDA and early March this debut album followed. Comprising eight songs - produced by ORKA main man Jens L. Thomsen and guested by several of her compatriots, e.g. Petur Pólson and Guðrið Hansdóttir of BYRTA fame with whom ... (Click To Continue Reading)
DíSA: Cure Categories: Electronica • Iceland • Videos DíSA: Cure First she was Dísa. Then Disa (featured as such here and here). But now it seems that Bryndís Jakobsdóttir's artist alter ego is to be spelled DíSA. Which is fine by me, as long we can agree that it doesn't change again anytime soon. Anyway, the Icelandic singer has a ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Ólafur Arnalds: Broadchurch Categories: Albums • Electronica • Iceland Ólafur Arnalds: Broadchurch The very first time I heard Ólafur Arnalds I was on my couch surfing aimlessly around MySpace (remember that place?) and a few months later I was (again) blown away by him at his Iceland Airwaves show. This was back in 2008 and since then I've featured him way too ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Rangleklods: Lost U Categories: Denmark • Electronica • Tracks Rangleklods: Lost U The past two years Rangleklods aka Esben Nørskov Andersen and Pernille Smith-Sivertsen have worked hard on their followup to 2012's debut, 'Beekeeper'. The new album is titled 'Straitjacket' and will be released May 18, and late January first single, 'Lost U, landed with an exciting beat with a few throwbacks ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Stupendous Band: Whatever You Do Categories: Albums • Denmark • Electronica Stupendous Band: Whatever You Do Late last month Johan Feierskov debuted as Stupendous Band with this four track EP titled 'Whatever You Do'. Recorded in various bedrooms (his words, your mind in the gutter) he combines samples, synths and - amidst the playful crackling - an obvious talent for pop to a really great first ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Ólafur Arnalds: So Far Categories: Electronica • Iceland • Tracks Ólafur Arnalds: So Far A few weeks ago neo-classical maestro Ólafur Arnalds released his latest full length, 'Broadchurch: Original Television Soundtrack', which - as the title says so elegantly - is the soundtrack for the British crime drama, Broadchurch. In this this interview with Clash it is said that Arnalds was commissioned by series ... (Click To Continue Reading)
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