Djevel: Saa Raa Og Kald Categories: Albums • Metal • Norway Djevel: Saa Raa Og Kald Right now black metal is more interesting than it's been for years. Bands like Deafheaven from US, Wintherfylleth from England, and - lesser known but equally good - Hiidenhauta from Finland and Solbrud and Myrkur from Denmark strays away from the traditional black metal dogmas and aren’t afraid to let ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Kontinuum: Kyrr Categories: Albums • Iceland • Metal Kontinuum: Kyrr At first I was kind of bummed out when I got an e-mail from Kontinuum's record label guy with a download link and the message "the album is very different from the first one." In my opinion Kontinuum's debut album, 'Earth Blood Magic', was one of the best albums of ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Skallbank: Dödens Ord Categories: Metal • Sweden • Videos Skallbank: Dödens Ord Kvelertak are all kinds of awesome and it’s hard to grow tired of their shouty take on hard rock, punk and metal. But there is a limit to how many times you can hear their two albums regardless of how good they are. Enter Skallbank from Sweden. To say that ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Djevel: Vaar Forbannede Jord Categories: Metal • Norway • Tracks Djevel: Vaar Forbannede Jord Norway's Djevel (devil) have made two albums that haven’t got anywhere near the recognition they deserve. Which obviously is a shame, not least as their take on black metal is quite interesting with long traditional Mayhem-ish black metal passages as well as chanting and a dark melodic feeling. The quartet ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Kontinuum: Breathe Categories: Iceland • Metal • Tracks Kontinuum: Breathe In 2012 Kontinuum released their awesome debut album 'Earth Blood Magic'. Pretty much since the day after that I have been drumming my fingers impatiently waiting for the followup. Last year the Finnish progressive metal band released the single 'Í Huldusal' which only raised my expectations, and now the second ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Dunderbeist: Hyklere Categories: Albums • Metal • Norway Dunderbeist: Hyklere I have to admit I was kind of skeptical after first listening to Dunderbeist's latest effort, 'Hyklere' (Norwegian for “hypocrites”). I loved their two previous albums, 'Black Arts & Crooked Tails' and 'Songs Of The Buried', but somehow this album didn't appeal to me as immediately. It turns out it's ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Dunderbeist: Skaubror Categories: Metal • Norway • Tracks Dunderbeist: Skaubror In 2012 Dunderbeist had the rare honour of having TWO albums on our Best Albums of the Year-list; their brilliant first album in English, 'Black Arts & Crooked Tails', and the equally brilliant followup, 'Songs Of The Buried'. Early March the Norwegians will release their new album, 'Hyklere' (Norwegian for ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Spiralism: Chakras Categories: Albums • Finland • Metal Spiralism: Chakras Last week I shared the first single off psychedelic metal band Spiralism's debut album, 'Chakras', saying that 'Weighing Of The Heart' was worth checking out if you are into songs where you can listen to the first two or three minutes and still have no idea where it is going. ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Siberian: Modern Age Mausoleum Categories: Albums • Metal • Sweden Siberian: Modern Age Mausoleum Earlier this year I claimed that if the first track of Siberian’s first full length album was anything to judge by we could be in for quite a treat. Guess what: The single 'Paragon' was something to judge by (it’s not even the best track on the album) and we ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Spiralism: Weighing Of The Heart Categories: Finland • Metal • Tracks Spiralism: Weighing Of The Heart If you are into verses, identifiable choruses, and that sort of thing Spiralism may not appeal to you. If you are into songs where you can listen to the first two or three minutes and still have no idea where it is going, you should check this out. The four-piece ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Bloodbath: Grand Morbid Funeral Categories: Albums • Metal • Sweden Bloodbath: Grand Morbid Funeral If you are in to Swedish death metal two pieces of great news emerged recently. Firstly, Bloodbath released their new album, 'Grand Morbid Funeral'. Secondly, same Bloodbath announced that they are going to play at next year's metal festival Copenhell. If the first says something about the latter we can ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Redwood Hill: Collider Categories: Albums • Denmark • Metal Redwood Hill: Collider Redwood Hill’s 2012 debut 'Descender' was all kinds of awesome, and after witnessing their performance on Copenhell earlier this year I called them "one of the most exciting up-and-coming metal bands in Denmark right now." After listening to the band’s sophomore effort, 'Collider', I am going to rephrase that a ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Solbrud: Jærtegn Categories: Albums • Denmark • Metal Solbrud: Jærtegn Jærtegn can be loosely translated to omen – a phenomenon that is believed to foretell the future, usually foreseeing horrible events like war, plagues or hunger. There is nothing horrible about the second full length from the Danish quartet Solbrud, however. If anything it foresees a new wave of Danish black ... (Click To Continue Reading)
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