IAmFire: Magpies And Crowes Categories: Denmark • Metal • Sweden • Tracks IAmFire: Magpies And Crowes I’m just guessing here, but it's probable that Mikael Ehlert, former bass player for Danish thrash bands like Artillery and HateSphere, sat at home one day listening to his Kuyss and Tool albums and thought to himself: "Enough thrash metal. I am going to do something like this instead." He ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Hiidenhauta: Noitia on Minin Sukuni Categories: Albums • Finland • Metal Hiidenhauta: Noitia on Minin Sukuni I love almost all metal genres, however, to be honest I have never really learned to truly appreciate black metal. But I’m learning. And one of my favourite teachers right now is Finnish six-piece Hiidenhauta who release their debut album today, the wonderfully titled 'Noitia On Minin Sukuni' (which according ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Five years of Music Alliance Pact mixtapes Categories: Alternative • Denmark • Electronica • Features • Metal • Pop • Rock • Tracks • Urban Five years of Music Alliance Pact mixtapes Today, March 15, marks ALL SCANDINAVIAN's fifth year anniversary as Denmark's representative in the global blog network, Music Alliance Pact. It's been fun and an absolute pleasure selecting the 58 tracks (61 if you also count the three so far in 2014) of which many have been MAP exclusive downloads, ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Black Book Lodge: Tûndra Categories: Albums • Denmark • Metal Black Book Lodge: Tûndra If you want to be nerdy about it you can spend hours comparing Black Book Lodge to anyone from Kuyss and Mastodon to ALL SCANDINAVIAN favourites like Sólstafir and Kellermensch. That can be entertaining enough but it really is a pointless exercise as the Copenhagen-based stoner metal trio are entirely ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Black Book Lodge: Black Sheep/Prodigal Sons Categories: Denmark • Metal • Tracks Black Book Lodge: Black Sheep/Prodigal Sons Danish trio Black Book Lodge plays stoner metal with a dash of alternative rock and are soon to release their debut album ‘Tûndra’, and we can tell you this much about it already: It’s ace. Check out first single ‘Black Sheep/Prodigal Sons’ and have your credit card ready for February ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Sólstafir vs Legend: Fjara vs Runaway Train Categories: Electronica • Iceland • Metal • Tracks Sólstafir vs Legend: Fjara vs Runaway Train The other day our favorite Icelandic metal band Sólstafir (photo) and the equally Icelandic (and equally great) synthpop band Legend released a real treat for die hard fans: A 7" vinyl where the two bands cover one of each others songs. The vinyl is limited to just 300 worldwide and ... (Click To Continue Reading)
48 videos we missed in 2013 Categories: Alternative • Denmark • Electronica • Faroe Islands • Features • Finland • Iceland • Metal • Norway • Pop • Rock • Sweden • Urban • Videos 48 videos we missed in 2013 Friday we shared 66 of the tracks we didn't share with you last year when they hit our inbox, while promising you a video edition, too. That's here today, presenting 48 of the many, many music videos we received from bands and artists in 2013, and as said about the ... (Click To Continue Reading)
66 tracks we missed in 2013 Categories: Alternative • Denmark • Electronica • Faroe Islands • Features • Finland • Iceland • Metal • Norway • Pop • Rock • Sweden • Tracks • Urban 66 tracks we missed in 2013 Quite often we find ourselves apologising for not having the time to share all the good music we receive from the incredible amount of talented Scandinavian bands and artists. Not least this time a year where looking back is the game and we find ourselves staring at around 600 emails ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Rising: Abominor Categories: Albums • Denmark • Metal Rising: Abominor The sophomore effort by Denmark's Rising, ‘Abominor’, practically reeks of cramped rehearsal rooms in damp basements, cigarette butts, sweat and stale beer stains. In other words: It is great. The sludge metal trio debuted in 2011 with ‘To Solemn Ash’, which was a raw, uncompromising punch to the gut, yet ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Hamferð: Evst Categories: Faroe Islands • Metal • Tracks Hamferð: Evst Doom metal outfit Hamferð is an interesting band. As the first Faroese band they entered the Wacken Metal Battle last year and won the whole thing. At the same time they were offered a record deal with the mighty record company Nuclear Blast, but turned the offer down and continued ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Helhorse: Oh Death Categories: Albums • Denmark • Metal Helhorse: Oh Death ‘Oh Death’? Oh, yeah. The sophomore album from Helhorse is one of those albums that will make you headbang with your entire upper body, pump your fist and rip your shirt off for no obvious reason. And it is without a doubt one of the most exciting Danish metal albums ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Reckless Love: Night On Fire Categories: Finland • Metal • Videos Reckless Love: Night On Fire Since their brilliant debut album from 2010 Reckless Love never looked back, and the Finnish quartet have just released their third album ‘Spirit'. The first single is called ‘Night On Fire' and no matter what you think of glam metal we dare you to give it a listen and NOT ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Copenhell 2013: The flashback Categories: Denmark • Live • Metal • Norway • Sweden Copenhell 2013: The flashback June 14-15 a former industrial area at the outskirts of Copenhagen was for the fourth time transformed into a metal mecca with pretty much anything you could ask for in thrash, death, black, power… Well, just all kinds of metal. Getting better by the year Copenhell have several great features: ... (Click To Continue Reading)
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