Myrkur: M Categories: Albums • Denmark • Metal Myrkur: M Danish Black metal artist Myrkur's epononymous debut EP was labelled by her record company as "a wholly unique perspective on the genre". That is quite a stretch as Myrkyr - who goes by the civil name Amalie Bruun - didn't exactly invent the combination of black metal with beautiful clean ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Myrkur: Onde Børn Categories: Denmark • Metal • Videos Myrkur: Onde Børn This is the second single off Danish one-woman-black-metal-band Myrkur's highly anticipated debut album that must try to live up to the expectations built upon her much lauded eponymous EP released last year. It shows that Amalie Bruun - the woman behind Myrkur - isn't so easy to label. Whereas the ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Black Book Lodge: Entering Another Measure Categories: Albums • Denmark • Metal Black Book Lodge: Entering Another Measure Danish trio Black Book Lodge immediately knocked my socks off with their atmospheric stoner metal on the debut, 'Tûndra'. Their sophomore effort, 'Entering Another Measure', doesn't quite do that. Not that it is a bad album. Far from it. It's just more one of those albums that slowly grows on ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Copenhell 2015: The flashback Categories: Denmark • Finland • Live • Metal • Norway • Sweden Copenhell 2015: The flashback For the sixth year in a row an old industrial area just outside Copenhagen was transformed into a festival ground as Copenhell presented three days of metal mayhem. We have said it before and we'll say it again: Copenhell is one of the finest festivals around, presenting a great variety ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Grumpynators: Wonderland Categories: Albums • Denmark • Metal Grumpynators: Wonderland The Danish quartet Grumpynators describe their music as motorbilly - and essentially serve up an answer to the ever so vital question: "What would it sound like if Motörhead played rockabilly?" Now, the countless subgenres of rockabilly; psychobilly, punkabilly, gothabilly just to name a few, always have the risk of ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Jack Dalton: Inherit Repetition Categories: Metal • Norway • Videos Jack Dalton: Inherit Repetition August could be a quite excellent month if you are in to shouty Norwegians (and quite frankly, you should be). Under the name Hardfall, Indie Recordings is planning a corporative release series of three punk n' hardcore albums by the great bands Jack Dalton, Riwen, and our favorite Man The ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Headed for Copenhell 2015? Here’s what you should see… Categories: Denmark • Faroe Islands • Features • Finland • Iceland • Live • Metal • Norway • Sweden Headed for Copenhell 2015? Here's what you should see... Next week one of Europe's finest metal festivals Copenhell will open the gates to three days of metal and mayhem for the sixth time. ALL SCANDINAVIAN will be there - as we were in 2013 and 2014 - and so should you. If you happen to drop by these ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Myrkur: Hævnen Categories: Denmark • Metal • Tracks Myrkur: Hævnen Since the release of the EP 'Nattens Barn' Danish one-woman-black-metal-band Myrkur has been surrounded by massive hype. So much that the debut album, 'M' (due in August), can almost only disappoint. Well, maybe not, if the first single, 'Hævnen', is anything to go by, because it is pretty darn awesome. ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Djevel: Saa Raa Og Kald Categories: Albums • Metal • Norway Djevel: Saa Raa Og Kald Right now black metal is more interesting than it's been for years. Bands like Deafheaven from US, Wintherfylleth from England, and - lesser known but equally good - Hiidenhauta from Finland and Solbrud and Myrkur from Denmark strays away from the traditional black metal dogmas and aren’t afraid to let ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Kontinuum: Kyrr Categories: Albums • Iceland • Metal Kontinuum: Kyrr At first I was kind of bummed out when I got an e-mail from Kontinuum's record label guy with a download link and the message "the album is very different from the first one." In my opinion Kontinuum's debut album, 'Earth Blood Magic', was one of the best albums of ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Skallbank: Dödens Ord Categories: Metal • Sweden • Videos Skallbank: Dödens Ord Kvelertak are all kinds of awesome and it’s hard to grow tired of their shouty take on hard rock, punk and metal. But there is a limit to how many times you can hear their two albums regardless of how good they are. Enter Skallbank from Sweden. To say that ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Djevel: Vaar Forbannede Jord Categories: Metal • Norway • Tracks Djevel: Vaar Forbannede Jord Norway's Djevel (devil) have made two albums that haven’t got anywhere near the recognition they deserve. Which obviously is a shame, not least as their take on black metal is quite interesting with long traditional Mayhem-ish black metal passages as well as chanting and a dark melodic feeling. The quartet ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Kontinuum: Breathe Categories: Iceland • Metal • Tracks Kontinuum: Breathe In 2012 Kontinuum released their awesome debut album 'Earth Blood Magic'. Pretty much since the day after that I have been drumming my fingers impatiently waiting for the followup. Last year the Finnish progressive metal band released the single 'Í Huldusal' which only raised my expectations, and now the second ... (Click To Continue Reading)
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