Finland’s best music videos Categories: Features • Finland • Metal • Rock • Videos Finland’s best music videos Late August the 21. Oulu Music Video Festival went down, screening 383 Finnish music videos and attracting around 5000 visitors who saw three awards - the main price Golden Pumpeli Award, Teen Pumpeli Award for a promising young director, plus the Kansanpumpeli Award which is decided by the audience - ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Aphyxion: Earth Entangled Categories: Albums • Denmark • Metal Aphyxion: Earth Entangled Aphyxion are one of the worst kept secrets in the Danish metal underground. The five guys from Ribe, Jutland, managed to play nearly 100 shows before anyone of them turned 20 – including prestigious gigs like Copenhell and Wacken Open Air – and built a reputation for ass-kicking live shows. ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Kontinuum: Í Huldusal Categories: Iceland • Metal • Tracks Kontinuum: Í Huldusal Considering the fact that Kontinuum according to us made on of 2012's best albums there are quite a few reasons to look forward to the Icelandic psychedelic metal outfits sophomore album that should be coming out later this year. Here's another reason: The first single ’Í Huldusal‘, which has everything ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Stench: Archways Categories: Metal • Sweden • Tracks Stench: Archways Deathmetallers Stench will release their second album ‘Venture’ late September in Europe and late October in North America. Judging from the first single ‘Archways’ we could be in for quite a treat. It’s repetitive and dark, primitive, yet atmospheric. And most of all: Pretty damn great. (Click To Continue Reading)
Sólstafir: Ótta Categories: Albums • Alternative • Iceland • Metal Sólstafir: Ótta It has always been a bit of a stretch to call Sólstafir metal. On ‘Ótta’ the term really doesn’t make sense anymore, but I got no better genre that really covers it. The Icelandic four-piece just makes music. Haunting, beautiful, rich, atmospheric music that sounds like nothing else. ‘Ótta’ may ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Meadows End: The Sufferwell Categories: Albums • Metal • Sweden Meadows End: The Sufferwell You can’t accuse Meadows End for rushing things through. They played together for almost a decade before releasing their debut album and now we have had to wait for four years for them to make the followup, 'The Sufferwell'. Luckily it's been worth the wait. While the Swedes debut 'Ode ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Oslo Faenskab: No Skin, No Armor Categories: Metal • Norway • Tracks Oslo Faenskab: No Skin, No Armor Oslo Faenskab is a young hardcore quintet from... you guessed it: Oslo, Norway. They are currently working on their debut album slated for release next year and have just warmed up for fellow Norwegians Kvelertak and Avenged Sevenfold. 'No Skin, No Armor' is the first track of Oslo Faenskab's yet-to-be-named ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Sólstafir: Ótta Categories: Iceland • Metal • Tracks Sólstafir: Ótta As regular readers might know we are quite fond of Sólstafir, deeming their albums anything from "stunningly brilliant" to "motherf***ing awesome". So we are pretty darn excited about their forthcoming album 'Ótta' - especially after listening to the title track. It’s almost ten minutes long and it is stunning. And ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Copenhell 2014: The flashback Categories: Denmark • Faroe Islands • Finland • Live • Metal • Norway • Sweden Copenhell 2014: The flashback As a first time visitor, not really a long time listener, I made this note on my phone as I was sitting in the sun, perfectly cold beered, and with Behemoth on the main stage playing with fire and other occult props: Everybody should visit Copenhell at least once, if ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Heidra: Awaiting Dawn Categories: Albums • Denmark • Metal Heidra: Awaiting Dawn Every year the record label Mighty Music hosts Mighty Fight Night where a handful of promising Danish metal bands compete for a record deal and an appearance at the Copenhell festival. This year Copenhagen based Heidra wiped the floor with the (indeed strong) competition. Listening to the band’s debut album, ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Shape Of Colour: Alive Categories: Albums • Finland • Metal Shape Of Colour: Alive Hardcore/post-rock is all the rage these days and while there are a lot of great bands out there, there are also quite a few that are essentially pointless. Shape Of Colour isn't one of the latter. The Finnish five-piece just released their debut EP, 'Alive', and it is indeed alive ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Siberian: Paragon Categories: Metal • Sweden • Tracks Siberian: Paragon This quartet released a debut EP last year under the moniker Shrine and are now ready to put out their first full length album under the new name Siberian. Siberian are not... Siberian, but Swedish, their album is called 'Modern Age Mausoleum', and judging by the first track, 'Paragon', it ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Electric Hellride: Come Darkness, Come Light Categories: Albums • Denmark • Metal Electric Hellride: Come Darkness, Come Light The winners of the last Danish edition of Wacken Open Air Metal Battle, groove metallers Electric Hellride, debuted with 'Hate.Control.Manipulate' in 2012 and are now back with a four track EP. And it is groovy baby! And dirty, raw, shouty, somewhat unpolished, and with some really nifty cock rock solos ... (Click To Continue Reading)
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