Korallreven: Here In Iowa Categories: Pop • Sweden • Tracks Korallreven: Here In Iowa After two lauded albums Swedish dream-pop duo Korallreven aka Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjäder have decided to call it quits, saying "there is a time for everything and an end to everything too, also with Korallreven." They leave us with a fresh single, 'Here In Iowa' (complete with a little ... (Click To Continue Reading)
The Ball And The Wall: So Good Categories: Denmark • Pop • Videos The Ball And The Wall: So Good Noah Rosanes, Danish guitarist, producer and composer known for his work with Nelson Can, The Freudian Slip, Echo Me, Boho Dancer among others, is really beginning to make waves with his latest project The Ball And The Wall. The concept is one of collaboration with each song featuring other artists ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Jonathan Johansson: Lebensraum Categories: Albums • Pop • Sweden Jonathan Johansson: Lebensraum It's not usual that pop deals with themes heavier than "why did he/she leave me and will life ever be good again" or "why don't we just get piss drunk and party like it's [insert year]". With Jonathan Johansson it's different, immediately suggested by the title of his new album ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Sameblod: Flourish Categories: Pop • Sweden • Tracks Sameblod: Flourish We first featured Swedish duo Sameblod aka Frederick Rundqvist and Mikael Mattisson back in 2011 and about a month ago their latest single, 'Flourish', landed. Had I gotten around to it then it would no doubt have brightened my winter, but now it does the same to my Spring. It's ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Jonathan Johansson: Alla Helveten Categories: Pop • Sweden • Tracks • Videos Jonathan Johansson: Alla Helveten Friday Jonathan Johansson released his new single 'Alla Helveten' plus b-side 'Eld Och Arv' from his upcoming album 'Lebensraum'. It is the second (and most likely third) offering from an album which according to Johansson will tackle themes like Fort Europa, fascism on the rise (again), freedom and things for ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Ronya: Work Harder Categories: Finland • Pop • Videos Ronya: Work Harder Following up on her 2012 debut Ronya has released two singles this year, 'Flame' back in the beginning and 'Work Harder' in November (both here with their better video halves), which are leading the way for her second album. This will land early 2015 according to plan and it could ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Alex Vargas: Till Forever Runs Out Categories: Denmark • Pop • Tracks • Videos Alex Vargas: Till Forever Runs Out He left Denmark for London at age 16 to make it in music and at 25 Alex Vargas released his first single - the rather excellent alternative pop song 'Till Forever Runs Out' (also here in a live Mahogany Session version) - in his native country this Monday to build ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Jonathan Johansson: Ny/Snö Categories: Pop • Sweden • Videos Jonathan Johansson: Ny/Snö Next year our favorite Jonathan Johansson will follow up on 2011's brilliant album 'Klagomuren' and Friday he released the first single and video, 'Ny/Snö'. Which is another excellent offering from the Swede. This time he is also more explicitly political, here pointing fingers at Fort Europa (and himself lying on ... (Click To Continue Reading)
The Ball And The Wall: Standing On My Own Categories: Denmark • Pop • Tracks The Ball And The Wall: Standing On My Own A year and a bit ago Danish guitarist, producer and composer Noah Rosanes (Nelson Can, The Freudian Slip, Echo Me, Boho Dancer etc.) launched himself as The Ball And The Wall with the great single 'Dragonfly'. The concept is one of collaboration with each song featuring other artists (the first ... (Click To Continue Reading)
LCTRISC: The Fire In The Distant Future Categories: Albums • Pop • Sweden LCTRISC: The Fire In The Distant Future Way back in 2011, when we still did the weekly SpaceScan feature, we featured this Swedish duo and their single 'Sunbird'. Since then LCTRISC aka Adam Jonsson and Oskar Linnaeus have released eight singles and two EPs and earlier this year their debut full length, 'The Fire In The Distant ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Fou De Toi: Island Categories: Pop • Sweden • Tracks Fou De Toi: Island This has been lying around in the inbox since summer (basically because of summer), and even though Fou De Toi really made one for the sunny season with ‘Island’ I guess now is as good a time to share this shiny piece of indiepop with you as fall seems intent ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Una Stef: Mama Funk Categories: Iceland • Pop • Tracks Una Stef: Mama Funk Iceland’s Una Stef released her debut album, ‘Songbook’, back in May and saw the two singles ‘Mama Funk’ and ‘Breathe’ enter the Top 30 Radio Charts in Iceland while getting compared to Alicia Keys. I haven’t heard the whole songbook, but aforementioned singles have me think it could be a ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Eline Thorp: Mirror’s Edge Categories: Albums • Norway • Pop Eline Thorp: Mirror's Edge It's been a long time coming, the debut album from Norwegian songstress Eline Thorp, but 'Mirror's Edge' can only be said to have been worth the wait. The 20 year-old preacher's daughter began making waves some three years ago when she inked a deal with Beyond Records, not least thanks ... (Click To Continue Reading)
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