Erlend Øye: Garota Categories: Norway • Rock • Videos Erlend Øye: Garota October 3 Erlend Øye (also Kings of Convenience, The Whitest Boy Alive) will release his second effort in his own name. Titled ‘Legao’ and recorded in Reykjavik with local band Hjálmar as hired guns it will sport 10 most likely rather lush and soulful songs - at least if first ... (Click To Continue Reading)
RA: These Days/Prism Categories: Rock • Sweden • Tracks • Videos RA: These Days/Prism A year ago I was under the impression that Malmö post-punk outfit RA would follow up on their debut EP, ‘Bloodline’, “soon”. Now, I might’ve missed something - and the concept of soon is admittedly diffuse - but it does seem a stretch to define a year as soon. Anyway, ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Men Of Polaroids: Darkness Categories: Denmark • Rock • Videos Men Of Polaroids: Darkness The brand new Danish duo Men Of Polaroids aka Mathias Elrød Madsen and Djarn Kargin claim to be an indierock outfit in their bio, yet their first official single, 'Darkness' (out Monday), is a melancholic drop of orchestral folk. This might be a bit confusing, but it is in no ... (Click To Continue Reading)
CMBSTN: C’mon Get Up (Happiness) Categories: Rock • Sweden • Tracks • Videos CMBSTN: C’mon Get Up (Happiness) Hailing from Stockholm this quartet have released three tracks so far this year, the latest melancholic call to arms, ‘C’mon Get Up (Happiness)’, about a month ago, which along with the two previous, ‘My Friend’ and ‘One Of Us’, show CMBSTN (Combustion) move from the thumping indierock that was their ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Black Twig: Heliogram Categories: Albums • Finland • Rock Black Twig: Heliogram On Monday Finnish indierock quartet Black Twig released their second album, 'Heliogram' (out in Finland back in February), in Germany with UK to follow later in 2014. Compared to the lauded debut, 'Paper Trees', they have brought down the shoegazing noise a bit here, but other than that not much ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Ívar Páll Jónsson: The Legacy Of Elbowville Categories: Iceland • Rock • Tracks Ívar Páll Jónsson: The Legacy Of Elbowville There are concept albums, and then there are concept albums that has life outside sound. 'Revolution In The Elbow Of Ragnar Agnarsson Furniture Painter' is an ambitious example of the latter as it is no less than a book, a play, and (obviously) an album, which take you on "an ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Línt: Mierka Categories: Norway • Rock • Tracks Línt: Mierka Released back in March and sitting neatly in the inbox ever since, 'Mierka' is the first official release since Línt's eponymous 2013 debut EP. A beautiful slice of post-rock the track makes exciting promises for the full length the Norwegian quintet is said to be working on right now and ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Siinai: Supermarket Categories: Albums • Finland • Rock Siinai: Supermarket Claiming a supermarket as inspiration for anything more than a spontaneous killing spree is a courageous move, but somehow Finnish prog-rock quartet Siinai pull it off. 'Prisma' might not be very supermarket-y, 'Smiling Cashier' perhaps only so by title (a bit more freaky than smiling, that cashier), but I feel ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Electric Eye: Pick-Up, Lift-Off, Space, Time Categories: Albums • Norway • Rock Electric Eye: Pick-Up, Lift-Off, Space, Time So, yeah, this album's been out for a year, but since I haven't shared it with you properly yet (a taste here and there) and since they really got me with their concert at SPOT Festival at the beginning of this month, I figured a quick writeup on Electric Eye's ... (Click To Continue Reading)
NovemberDecember: From The Swing, Into The Deep Categories: Albums • Denmark • Rock NovemberDecember: From The Swing, Into The Deep One of the bands I caught live at SPOT Festival a few weeks back is Danish indiefolk quintet NovemberDecember, who released their debut album, 'From The Swing, Into The Deep', at the beginning of the year. It's an album placing them solidly on the new folk/americana scene made popular by ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Agent Fresco: Dark Water Categories: Iceland • Rock • Videos Agent Fresco: Dark Water It's been almost exactly two years since I last featured Agent Fresco on ALL SCANDINAVIAN and then it was also a video released along with news of international adventure. Back in 2012 it was the world wide release of their excellent debut full length, 'A Long Time Listening', and this ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Firstborn: Old Machinery Categories: Albums • Rock • Sweden Firstborn: Old Machinery Swedish quartet Firstborn really impressed me with their debut effort from 2012, 'Define Our Generation'. Now they are ready to follow up, but instead of releasing a regular sophomore album Firstborn will release three EPs during 2014. The band might have matured since 2012 but don't stray from the formula ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Annasaid: Rite De Passage Categories: Albums • Denmark • Rock Annasaid: Rite De Passage Four years on from their debut full length, 'Jua', Annasaid released their second on April 28. Titled 'Rite De Passage' there's a coming of age tale here, but while the quartet has definitely matured some in both age, their arrangements, and songwriting, their guitar-on-chest-indierock is as youthfully energetic as ever. ... (Click To Continue Reading)
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