Imperial State Electric: Honk Machine Categories: Albums • Rock • Sweden Imperial State Electric: Honk Machine Nicke Andersson is Sweden's answer to Jack White: Ridiculously productive, a member of lots and lots of bands - and extremely gifted. Andersson started out as a drummer in death metal outfit Entombed, he was frontman for rock legends The Hellacopters, plays soul in The Solution, and he produces for ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Homesick Hank: Beautiful Life Categories: Albums • Denmark • Rock Homesick Hank: Beautiful Life It's been six years since Homesick Hank's last album, 'Ghosts' (a bit of praise here), but last week the Danish nordicana trio returned with their fourth full length since forming in 2002, 'Beautiful Life'. Their fairly long absence is explained with midlife crisis (plural apparently), depression, drink and divorce which ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Jonas Carping: Cocktails & Gasoline Categories: Albums • Rock • Sweden Jonas Carping: Cocktails & Gasoline About a month ago I shared the two singles and one b-side released to build attention around Jonas Carping's second full length in his own name, 'Cocktails & Gasoline', saying then that the three made it sound like a pretty great album could be in the wait. There was. Through ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Have You Ever Seen Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?: Teenage Sweetheart Categories: Albums • Finland • Rock Have You Ever Seen Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?: Teenage Sweetheart Back in August we shared Have You Ever Seen Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?'s single 'Family Man', saying it had us thinking of the Icelandic neon-and-retro-fun outfit FM Belfast in a couple of ways. A month and a bit ago 'Teenage Sweetheart' followed and there's nothing about the Finns' debut album ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Thundermother: Road Fever Categories: Albums • Rock • Sweden Thundermother: Road Fever The all female rock'n'roll band Thundermother from Sweden sounds like someone who just stumbled out of a sleazy club on Sunset Strip in L.A. after getting into a fistfight with Mötley Crüe for stealing a riff from AC/DC and drinking the last of Lemmy from Motörhead's Jack Daniel's. In other ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Palace Winter: Medication Categories: Albums • Denmark • Rock Palace Winter: Medication A month ago Palace Winter aka Danish producer and synth wizard Caspar Hesselager and Australian singer-songwriter Carl Coleman were the Danish contribution to the Music Alliance Pact mixtape with an exclusive download of their awesome second single, 'Menton' (it still is by the way, so go get it here!). Two ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Jonas Carping: Damn Old World Categories: Rock • Sweden • Tracks Jonas Carping: Damn Old World Next week Jonas Carping will release his second album, 'Cocktails & Gasoline', which will be a mix of folk n' americana ('Breathless Helpless'), his late compatriot Gustaf Kjellvander and his The Fine Arts Showcase, and Norway's Madrugada ('The Last Approval' and 'Damn Old World') if the first three tastes are ... (Click To Continue Reading)
De Underjordiske: Ind I Flammerne Categories: Albums • Denmark • Rock De Underjordiske: Ind I Flammerne Decades after its birth in the 60's acid rock is all the rage again in Denmark. The frontrunners of the rebirth of the genre have been Spids Nøgenhat, who – after a 12 year hiatus – released the massively successful album 'Kommer Med Fred' ("come in peace") in 2013 and ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Grave Pleasures: Dreamcrash Categories: Albums • Finland • Rock • Sweden Grave Pleasures: Dreamcrash In 2013 the Finnish band Beastmilk released the album 'Climax' which earned rave reviews both in Finland and the rest of the world. Sadly it was indeed the climax of Beastmilks short career. The band split up earlier this year after the departure of guitarist Johan "Goatspeed" Snell, but luckily ... (Click To Continue Reading)
YAST: Together Forever Categories: Rock • Sweden • Tracks YAST: Together Forever In April Swedish indiepop quintet YAST released the first new music since their eponymous debut album, which made it to our Best Albums list in 2013. A week ago second single 'Together Forever' followed, which along with 'When You’re Around' reveals that their second full length, 'My Dreams Did Finally ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Línt: Then They Came For Us Categories: Albums • Norway • Rock Línt: Then They Came For Us A year and a couple of months ago I shared 'Mierka' with you, a beautiful slice of post-rock that served as first taste off Norwegian six-piece Línt's debut full length. Titled 'Then They Came For Us' it was released this Spring and if you're into post-rock spiced up with elements ... (Click To Continue Reading)
This Is Head: This Is Head Categories: Albums • Rock • Sweden This Is Head: This Is Head It's no secret that This Is Head made us big fans with the greatest of ease when they released their most excellent debut ‘0001’ in 2010. The followup, 'The Album ID' (2013), was just as great - perhaps even better - and really added to our expectations to what might ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Ranchus: Plug-in & Play Categories: Faroe Islands • Rock • Videos Ranchus: Plug-in & Play Released just before summer decided to not really come to Scandinavia this year, Faroese rockers Ranchus' debut album, 'Feeling Like A Caged Lion Pacing Behind One Way Glass', now comes with three video singles (the first two here). The latest, 'Plug-in & Play', depicts "a romanticized version of the Faroese ... (Click To Continue Reading)
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