Littlefish: The Gordian Knot Categories: Albums • Denmark • Faroe Islands • Rock Littlefish: The Gordian Knot It took them 19 years, but  today it's official: Littlefish are now recording artists. Titled 'The Gordian Knot' (perhaps a hint to the time passed since forming) the Danish/Faroese trio's debut album is a catchy encounter, throughout the 11 songs showcasing a great ear for both riffs and hooks, which, ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Ásgeir: Going Home Categories: Iceland • Rock • Videos Ásgeir: Going Home Last week Icelandic sensation Ásgeir (Trausti the abandoned last name in his English incarnation) did a five gig tour of Ireland and England in support of his English version of his award winning Icelandic debut 'Dýrð Í Dauðaþögn', 'In The Silence'. Here's the latest video in support of the album, ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Izakaya Heartbeat: Crystal Eyes Categories: Norway • Rock • Videos Izakaya Heartbeat: Crystal Eyes Right, so here's one of those bad conscience type posts that we need to do every once in a while (don't worry; the music's still awesome). Here's why: Last year Norwegian noiserockers Izakaya Heartbeat released their second album, 'Enter - Rainbow Lake', which I never shared with you - even ... (Click To Continue Reading)
The New Tigers: Don’t Know Where to Go Categories: Finland • Rock • Videos The New Tigers: Don't Know Where to Go Imperfection has its very own charm, and music is about feeling more than anything else. That said, Finnish pscyh-pop quartet The New Tigers was - with a couple of exceptions - a bit too imperfect for my liking on their eponymous 2011 debut and simply did not connect with my ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Mayflower Madame: Into The Haze Categories: Norway • Rock • Videos Mayflower Madame: Into The Haze Released last year and shamefully ignored by me (not out of spite - just a case of disappearance in the mail avalanche) Mayflower Madame's debut EP, 'Into The Haze', is a great, 4-song addition to the new Nordic post-punk wave, touching on all the usual inspirational suspects of the genre ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Shiny Darkly: Little Earth Categories: Albums • Denmark • Rock Shiny Darkly: Little Earth It's no secret that Shiny Darkly have a special place in the heart of ALL SCANDINAVIAN and have had so since we first featured them in 2012, so naturally we're happy that the young trio can release their debut album in Denmark today (the world to follow May 5). While ... (Click To Continue Reading)
The Milestones: Higher Mountain – Closer Sun Categories: Albums • Finland • Rock The Milestones: Higher Mountain - Closer Sun 20 years in to their career The Milestones have released their fourth album, 'Higher Mountain - Closer Sun'. Their story is one of success and adversity - a hint lies in the 10 years between their second and third album - but mainly music history, as these five Finns play ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Baby Woodrose: Kicking Ass & Taking Names Categories: Albums • Denmark • Rock Baby Woodrose: Kicking Ass & Taking Names The day before yesterday Baby Woodrose released 'Kicking Ass & Taking Names', a 14 track collection of b-sides and rarities which has been recorded between 2001 and 2013. Formed in Copenhagen in 2001 and named after the Argyreia Nervosa, a plant commonly known as Hawaiian Baby Woodrose and used for ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Five years of Music Alliance Pact mixtapes Categories: Alternative • Denmark • Electronica • Features • Metal • Pop • Rock • Tracks • Urban Five years of Music Alliance Pact mixtapes Today, March 15, marks ALL SCANDINAVIAN's fifth year anniversary as Denmark's representative in the global blog network, Music Alliance Pact. It's been fun and an absolute pleasure selecting the 58 tracks (61 if you also count the three so far in 2014) of which many have been MAP exclusive downloads, ... (Click To Continue Reading)
The Malpractice: Mass Categories: Albums • Denmark • Rock The Malpractice: Mass Back in 2010 I was really impressed with The Malpractice aka Johannes Gammelby's solo debut, 'Tectonics', and I am no less impressed with his second album, 'Mass', although this quite decisively departs from the debut's style and feel. Where it explored the outskirts of pop and were quite often immediately ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Black Lizard: Forever Gold Categories: Finland • Rock • Tracks Black Lizard: Forever Gold Last year Black Lizard released their massive debut and a week from now they will embark on their first headline European tour taking them to Germany, the UK, Belgium, France and Holland. To celebrate that great occasion the Finnish psych-rockers have decided to give you 'Forever Gold' from the debut ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Total Heels: Night Rush Categories: Denmark • Rock • Tracks Total Heels: Night Rush Exclusive: Formed in May 2013 Copenhagen based rock quartet Total Heels have a debut album coming out this fall, and today they announce a European tour on To mark that occasion (and the forthcoming album of course) here's first single 'Barb Wire' and - as an ALL SCANDINAVIAN exclusive ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Stereo 8000: Magnet Categories: Finland • Rock • Tracks • Videos Stereo 8000: Magnet A couple of weeks ago Stereo 8000 aka Anssi 8000 and Maria Stereo released their third album - the first as Stereo 8000 and to mark the name change self-titled - in their native Finland. I haven't heard all of it yet, but if the rest match the three below ... (Click To Continue Reading)
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