Fjeld: Wave It Off Categories: Finland • Rock • Tracks Fjeld: Wave It Off Last year I featured Fjeld's debut EP, 'Apple Thief Times', then saying that the Finnish indie-post-rock quintet was definitely on to something. Recently new single 'Wave It Off' came my way and at the very least it reaffirms my previous statement - at best it should lead someone to sign ... (Click To Continue Reading)
YAST: When You’re Around Categories: Rock • Sweden • Tracks YAST: When You're Around Back in 2013 Swedish quintet YAST (known as Youth And Student Travel when they formed in 2007) released their great eponymous debut album, which also made it to our Best Albums list for that year. Now they're getting ready to put out a followup (no title or release date yet) ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Death By Toaster: No Gravity Categories: Albums • Iceland • Rock • Sweden Death By Toaster: No Gravity Founded in Reykjavík by Icelandic brothers Albert (vocals/guitars) and Magnus Asvaldsson (drums) and Swedish bass player Daniel Tiderman Death By Toaster relocated to Stockholm back in 2013 and last year they launched a four three-song EP project which is set to culminate in June with the release of the trio's ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Starving For My Gravy: Vol. 1 Categories: Albums • Norway • Rock Starving For My Gravy: Vol. 1 These guys first appeared on this blog back in 2008 as lauded nordicana singer/songwriter Tommy Tokyo's backing band. Last time we heard from them (here anyway) was Tokyo's third album, 'Go Time, Showtime & Absolute War' (2010), after which they were relieved from duty, but now the band slash art ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Black Lizard: Solarize Categories: Albums • Finland • Rock Black Lizard: Solarize Two years on from their great eponymous debut album Black Lizard return with another sweet, self-produced offering of psyched out rock as it was first done some fifty years ago. This time around horns, synths and other bits have been added to the Finnish quartet's sound palette, but these have ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Halshug: Blodets Bånd Categories: Albums • Denmark • Rock Halshug: Blodets Bånd Danish trio Halshug ("decapitation") has two speeds: Fast and very fast. This means that their debut, 'Blodets Bånd', isn't the most varied album you can imagine. With eight songs clocking in at just at little more than 17 minutes in total it isn't very long either. It is, however, punk ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Pony The Pirate: Dangerous Categories: Norway • Rock • Tracks Pony The Pirate: Dangerous Way back in 2009 Pony The Pirate were half of SpaceScan right after they were named Årets Urørt by Norwegian radio station P3. The debut album that followed spawned three hit singles and the then eight-piece played 120 concerts in two years, while recording a second album. This, however, were ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Mumrunner: Bond Categories: Finland • Rock • Tracks Mumrunner: Bond Last year Mumrunner debuted with the two song single, 'Zit/Rut', which led one of our favourite Finnish labels, Soliti, to ink a deal with the fuzz-noisy indierock quartet from Tampere. Later this Spring an EP will be released with first taste, 'Bond', right here for your - I'd suspect - ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Then Comes Silence: Nyctophilian Categories: Albums • Rock • Sweden Then Comes Silence: Nyctophilian I was quite smitten by Then Comes Silence's first album, 'Then Comes Silence', and I liked their second effort, 'II', even better. After listening to 'Nyctophilian' (kudos for thinking outside the box regarding the album title) I have to say that if the Swedes don't get a major breakthrough with ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Ring Them Bells: No One’s Dead / We’re Just Dressed in Black Categories: Albums • Denmark • Rock Ring Them Bells: No One’s Dead / We’re Just Dressed in Black Following up on their 2013 debut Ring Them Bells released this second album earlier this week. Over ten tracks they playfully explore the noisier regions of rock while making sure pop is there to soothe and ease, and it's a combo that sits them nicely alongside fine representatives for the ... (Click To Continue Reading)
The Megaphonic Thrift: Sun Stare Sound Categories: Albums • Norway • Rock The Megaphonic Thrift: Sun Stare Sound Three albums in and almost three years on from their latest effort Norway's The Megaphonic Thrift just keeps getting better and better, and on 'Sun Stare Sound' they're again on the move musically. In: More pop. Still in: Noise. The mix is perfectly exemplified and so very expertly executed in ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Siamese: Siamese Categories: Albums • Denmark • Rock Siamese: Siamese The band formerly known as Siamese Fighting Fish, Siamese, have been favourites of ALL SCANDINAVIAN since their excellent 2011 debut 'We Are The Sound'. 'Siamese' is the band’s third album and marks a new direction for the six Danes. Compared to their first two albums this is essentially a pop ... (Click To Continue Reading)
José González: Vestiges & Claws Categories: Albums • Rock • Sweden José González: Vestiges & Claws Seven years on from his latest solo effort, 'In Our Nature' (released 2007 and preceded by 'Veneer'), José González returns with his first all original album, 'Vestiges & Claws'. The absence of cover versions is not the only change here, as González has also added more guitars, percussion and backing ... (Click To Continue Reading)
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