Death Hawks: Sun Future Moon Categories: Albums • Finland • Rock Death Hawks: Sun Future Moon They were nominated for a Nordic Music Prize and a Finnish grammy in 2014 for their eponymous second album (2013) and if fair is still something we of the world concern ourselves with then Death Hawks' 'Sun Future Moon' should meet a similar fate. At least. For as I somehow ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Singapore Sling: Psych Fuck Categories: Albums • Iceland • Rock Singapore Sling: Psych Fuck Now, this album was originally thought as part two of 'The Tower Of Foronicity' (the 'Psych Fuck' closing track is titled just that), which was released last year, but it turned out something different, something more evil (not that 'The Tower...' was a bundle of joy) according to Singapore Sling ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Imperial State Electric: Honk Machine Categories: Albums • Rock • Sweden Imperial State Electric: Honk Machine Nicke Andersson is Sweden's answer to Jack White: Ridiculously productive, a member of lots and lots of bands - and extremely gifted. Andersson started out as a drummer in death metal outfit Entombed, he was frontman for rock legends The Hellacopters, plays soul in The Solution, and he produces for ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Homesick Hank: Beautiful Life Categories: Albums • Denmark • Rock Homesick Hank: Beautiful Life It's been six years since Homesick Hank's last album, 'Ghosts' (a bit of praise here), but last week the Danish nordicana trio returned with their fourth full length since forming in 2002, 'Beautiful Life'. Their fairly long absence is explained with midlife crisis (plural apparently), depression, drink and divorce which ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Jonas Carping: Cocktails & Gasoline Categories: Albums • Rock • Sweden Jonas Carping: Cocktails & Gasoline About a month ago I shared the two singles and one b-side released to build attention around Jonas Carping's second full length in his own name, 'Cocktails & Gasoline', saying then that the three made it sound like a pretty great album could be in the wait. There was. Through ... (Click To Continue Reading)

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