Negash Ali: The Collage Categories: Albums • Denmark • Urban Negash Ali: The Collage Following up on 2014s most excellent 'The African Dream', Negash Ali returned a bit earlier this year with the EP 'The Collage', also marking Ali’s debut on production in collaboration with Playminds/Jacob Vidkjær. On 'The Collage' the Danish/Eritrean rapper goes soft on us with three soulful R&B ballads, and even ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Negash Ali: Lionheart Categories: Denmark • Tracks • Urban Negash Ali: Lionheart At the beginning of this year Negash Ali released the most excellent and rightfully lauded EP, 'The African Dream', and a couple of days ago his latest offering, 'Lionheart', followed with an announcement that a new EP will be out come February. Good tidings, indeed, and the soulful R&B ballad ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Cheddy Carter: Rush Hour Categories: Iceland • Tracks • Urban Cheddy Carter: Rush Hour Founded in May by three of four members of Original Melody this Icelandic hip hop trio have two tracks out and about as this is written (both up for free download). I have to admit I don’t know Original Melody (they have two albums and a couple of EPs out), ... (Click To Continue Reading)
SLOWOLF: Bounty + Wolf Grey Categories: Albums • Denmark • Urban SLOWOLF: Bounty + Wolf Grey Back in April SLOWOLF aka Andreas Asingh launched #slowolffridays which - as the name imply - is a 10 songs in 10 Fridays project culminating next Friday to coincide with his second concert at Roskilde Festival. All songs are also released on two EPs, 'Bounty' (out May 26) and 'Wolf ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Five years of Music Alliance Pact mixtapes Categories: Alternative • Denmark • Electronica • Features • Metal • Pop • Rock • Tracks • Urban Five years of Music Alliance Pact mixtapes Today, March 15, marks ALL SCANDINAVIAN's fifth year anniversary as Denmark's representative in the global blog network, Music Alliance Pact. It's been fun and an absolute pleasure selecting the 58 tracks (61 if you also count the three so far in 2014) of which many have been MAP exclusive downloads, ... (Click To Continue Reading)

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