Denique: Vegvísir Categories: Alternative • Iceland • Videos Denique: Vegvísir Premiere: He describes himself as a man born in the wrong country and as a consequence 22 year-old Denique relocated from Canada to Iceland, where he continues the video and alternative pop project he began four years ago when he started bringing a tripod and camera on his hiking trips. ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Whales & This Lake: Gold Categories: Norway • Pop • Videos Whales & This Lake: Gold With releases by Supermale, Pony The Pirate and Simen Mitlid the label Koke Plate has slowly but steadily become a Norwegian favourite of ours. A new(er) act on their roster is Whales & This Lake who do electropop along the same lines of label mates Supermale with the help of ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Ranchus: Plug-in & Play Categories: Faroe Islands • Rock • Videos Ranchus: Plug-in & Play Released just before summer decided to not really come to Scandinavia this year, Faroese rockers Ranchus' debut album, 'Feeling Like A Caged Lion Pacing Behind One Way Glass', now comes with three video singles (the first two here). The latest, 'Plug-in & Play', depicts "a romanticized version of the Faroese ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Have You Ever Seen Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?: Family Man Categories: Finland • Rock • Videos Have You Ever Seen Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?: Family Man With a band name that could've been an FM Belfast song title and an 80s and synths sound not entirely unlike the Icelandic outfit, Finland's Have You Ever Seen Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? take their place on the neon-and-retro-fun pop scene with their new, great single, 'Family Man'. It's released ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Have a great summer! Categories: Denmark • Faroe Islands • Finland • Iceland • Norway • Sweden • Tracks • Videos Have a great summer! We need it, we deserve it, we take it. Some time off, that is. So we hereby announce our vacation from ALL SCANDINAVIAN. We will be back in August, but to soothe your wait we leave you with a stack of videos and tracks (in no particular order) - hope ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Myrkur: Onde Børn Categories: Denmark • Metal • Videos Myrkur: Onde Børn This is the second single off Danish one-woman-black-metal-band Myrkur's highly anticipated debut album that must try to live up to the expectations built upon her much lauded eponymous EP released last year. It shows that Amalie Bruun - the woman behind Myrkur - isn't so easy to label. Whereas the ... (Click To Continue Reading)
The Ball And The Wall: So Good Categories: Denmark • Pop • Videos The Ball And The Wall: So Good Noah Rosanes, Danish guitarist, producer and composer known for his work with Nelson Can, The Freudian Slip, Echo Me, Boho Dancer among others, is really beginning to make waves with his latest project The Ball And The Wall. The concept is one of collaboration with each song featuring other artists ... (Click To Continue Reading)
This Is Head: People Categories: Rock • Sweden • Videos This Is Head: People Sometime after summer ALL SCANDINAVIAN favorites This Is Head will release their third and eponymous album. Recorded and to some extent written in a week on the small island Mjörn north of Gothenburg it is facing the somewhat daunting task of following the most excellent debut, '0001' (2010), and equally ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Jack Dalton: Inherit Repetition Categories: Metal • Norway • Videos Jack Dalton: Inherit Repetition August could be a quite excellent month if you are in to shouty Norwegians (and quite frankly, you should be). Under the name Hardfall, Indie Recordings is planning a corporative release series of three punk n' hardcore albums by the great bands Jack Dalton, Riwen, and our favorite Man The ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Refused: Elektra Categories: Rock • Sweden • Videos Refused: Elektra During the 90s Refused was one of Sweden’s most influential punk bands, if not THE most influential. After splitting up in 1998 they luckily started touring again in 2012 playing Roskilde Festival among many others. Now they have finally gotten around to doing what they should have done a long ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Taxi Taxi: Floating Forever Categories: Alternative • Sweden • Videos Taxi Taxi: Floating Forever It's been a few years since I last lend my ears to Swedish twin sisters Taxi Taxi aka Johanna and Miriam Tewolde Berhan, and apparently they haven't released anything in that time. So that explains it, I guess. In 2009 it was alt-folk on Efterklang's label, Rumraket, but on their ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Drowned Session: Everything Gets Open Categories: Alternative • Denmark • Faroe Islands • Videos Drowned Session: Everything Gets Open About a year ago Drowned Session first graced this page with their presence and a taste of their first EP, 'Horses'. In a month or so the Danish/Faroese quartet will follow up on that with more alt-folk on the EP 'Home To The Wind' from which 'Nikolai Bukharin' and 'Everything ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Skallbank: Dödens Ord Categories: Metal • Sweden • Videos Skallbank: Dödens Ord Kvelertak are all kinds of awesome and it’s hard to grow tired of their shouty take on hard rock, punk and metal. But there is a limit to how many times you can hear their two albums regardless of how good they are. Enter Skallbank from Sweden. To say that ... (Click To Continue Reading)
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