10 Most Popular Videos of 2015 Categories: Denmark • Faroe Islands • Features • Finland • Iceland • Norway • Sweden • Videos 10 Most Popular Videos of 2015 We're closing in on the big Best Scandinavian Albums of 2015 list, but before we get to share that with you tomorrow here are the 10 Most Popular Videos this year according to your clicks around ALL SCANDINAVIAN. Thanks as always for spending time with us and the many great ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Denique: Vegvísir Categories: Alternative • Iceland • Videos Denique: Vegvísir Premiere: He describes himself as a man born in the wrong country and as a consequence 22 year-old Denique relocated from Canada to Iceland, where he continues the video and alternative pop project he began four years ago when he started bringing a tripod and camera on his hiking trips. ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Whales & This Lake: Gold Categories: Norway • Pop • Videos Whales & This Lake: Gold With releases by Supermale, Pony The Pirate and Simen Mitlid the label Koke Plate has slowly but steadily become a Norwegian favourite of ours. A new(er) act on their roster is Whales & This Lake who do electropop along the same lines of label mates Supermale with the help of ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Ranchus: Plug-in & Play Categories: Faroe Islands • Rock • Videos Ranchus: Plug-in & Play Released just before summer decided to not really come to Scandinavia this year, Faroese rockers Ranchus' debut album, 'Feeling Like A Caged Lion Pacing Behind One Way Glass', now comes with three video singles (the first two here). The latest, 'Plug-in & Play', depicts "a romanticized version of the Faroese ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Have You Ever Seen Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?: Family Man Categories: Finland • Rock • Videos Have You Ever Seen Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?: Family Man With a band name that could've been an FM Belfast song title and an 80s and synths sound not entirely unlike the Icelandic outfit, Finland's Have You Ever Seen Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? take their place on the neon-and-retro-fun pop scene with their new, great single, 'Family Man'. It's released ... (Click To Continue Reading)

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