Ásgeir: Going Home Categories: Iceland • Rock • Videos Ásgeir: Going Home Last week Icelandic sensation Ásgeir (Trausti the abandoned last name in his English incarnation) did a five gig tour of Ireland and England in support of his English version of his award winning Icelandic debut 'Dýrð Í Dauðaþögn', 'In The Silence'. Here's the latest video in support of the album, ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Nancy: Tokyo Soul/Yugatshu Categories: Alternative • Finland • Videos Nancy: Tokyo Soul/Yugatshu Last year progressive rock quartet Nancy released their excellent debut, 'IDDQD', and a little while back double video single 'Tokyo Soul/Yugatshu' hit the AS inbox, showing that the four Finns seem to have no problems facing the daunting task of following up on a success. They promised more would follow ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Izakaya Heartbeat: Crystal Eyes Categories: Norway • Rock • Videos Izakaya Heartbeat: Crystal Eyes Right, so here's one of those bad conscience type posts that we need to do every once in a while (don't worry; the music's still awesome). Here's why: Last year Norwegian noiserockers Izakaya Heartbeat released their second album, 'Enter - Rainbow Lake', which I never shared with you - even ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Apian: Breathless Categories: Denmark • Electronica • Videos Apian: Breathless Nine years ago Apian aka Søren Mejer Hansen (formerly known as Peak) released his first solo EP, 'Makin' Me Fly', and now he's gearing up to put out a followup come fall. First single 'Breathless' was released earlier this year and it is a pleasingly familiar 3+ minutes of melancholic ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Eline Thorp: Violence Done Well Categories: Norway • Pop • Videos Eline Thorp: Violence Done Well Alternative pop songstress Eline Thorp has reared her pretty head on this blog a couple of times since 2011, and late January she released her debut album, 'Mirror's Edge', in Norway. This I will most likely tell you more about a bit later, but today it's all about the videos ... (Click To Continue Reading)
The New Tigers: Don’t Know Where to Go Categories: Finland • Rock • Videos The New Tigers: Don't Know Where to Go Imperfection has its very own charm, and music is about feeling more than anything else. That said, Finnish pscyh-pop quartet The New Tigers was - with a couple of exceptions - a bit too imperfect for my liking on their eponymous 2011 debut and simply did not connect with my ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Mayflower Madame: Into The Haze Categories: Norway • Rock • Videos Mayflower Madame: Into The Haze Released last year and shamefully ignored by me (not out of spite - just a case of disappearance in the mail avalanche) Mayflower Madame's debut EP, 'Into The Haze', is a great, 4-song addition to the new Nordic post-punk wave, touching on all the usual inspirational suspects of the genre ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Samaris: Ég Vildi Fegin Verda Categories: Electronica • Iceland • Videos Samaris: Ég Vildi Fegin Verda Almost exactly three years ago Icelandic trip hop electropop trio Samaris were half of one of our then weekly SpaceScans. Then just a six months old band, they'd already won the band battle competition, The Icelandic Music Experiments, but had yet to release anything. Since then I have to admit ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Stereo 8000: Magnet Categories: Finland • Rock • Tracks • Videos Stereo 8000: Magnet A couple of weeks ago Stereo 8000 aka Anssi 8000 and Maria Stereo released their third album - the first as Stereo 8000 and to mark the name change self-titled - in their native Finland. I haven't heard all of it yet, but if the rest match the three below ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Emiliana Torrini: Tookah Categories: Electronica • Iceland • Videos Emiliana Torrini: Tookah Last year Iceland's very own Emiliana Torrini released the album 'Tookah' and back in January this cool, Shynola directed video for the title track hit the www. Before that the singer/songwriter made waves with first single 'Speed Of Dark' which is thrown in here for good measure as well, should ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Drowned Session: Stalingrad Categories: Alternative • Denmark • Faroe Islands • Tracks • Videos Drowned Session: Stalingrad March 24 Faroese/Danish quartet Drowned Session release their first EP, 'Horses', following up on the two song 7" single 'Conversation With Cora' from last year. The EP is five songs worth of alt-folk with a bit of the same theatrical expression exercised by also Faroese Budam and Dánjal while tipping ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Mikko Joensuu: Land Of Darkness Categories: Finland • Rock • Videos Mikko Joensuu: Land Of Darkness Way back in 2009, when ALL SCANDINAVIAN was not even a year old, I featured Finnish psych-rock trio Joensuu 1685 quite a bit with a SpaceScan here, a Q&A there and a Springsteen cover that really should be everywhere. Unfortunately the three - brothers Mikko and Markus Joensuu and their ... (Click To Continue Reading)
North Fall: Protocol Categories: Alternative • Denmark • Videos North Fall: Protocol A fortnight ago I shared my quite positive thoughts on North Fall aka Anders Belling's indie-folk debut album, 'Outside It's Growing Light', and today I'm happy to be able to share the Magnus Benjamin Krog directed video for single 'Protocol' a day before pretty much anyone else (exclusivity rules!). Enjoy... (Click To Continue Reading)
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