Moloken: All Is Left To See Categories: Albums • Metal • Sweden Moloken: All Is Left To See 'All Is Left To See' is kind of an oddball release. If metal genres were sold in the supermarket Moloken would need more than one shopping cart, but despite their somewhat schizophrenic sound the progressive metal quartet still manage to make their third album a cohesive whole. Granted a few ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Music Alliance Pact – December 2015 Categories: Denmark • Faroe Islands • Features • Finland • Iceland • Norway • Sweden • Tracks Music Alliance Pact - December 2015 We're halfway through December and that means time for another and 2015's last edition of the World’s Greatest Mixtape bringing you 17 free songs from 17 countries around the planet courtesy of the Music Alliance Pact. It's business as usual and you can again download each song separately or all ... (Click To Continue Reading)
The Moth Gatherer: The Earth Is The Sky Categories: Albums • Metal • Sweden The Moth Gatherer: The Earth Is The Sky In 2013 The Moth Gatherer blew me away with just a single track from their debut album. 'A Bright Celestial Light', that turned out to be all kinds of awesome as well, and since then I have been eagerly waiting for the followup. It is here now and all is ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Death Hawks: Sun Future Moon Categories: Albums • Finland • Rock Death Hawks: Sun Future Moon They were nominated for a Nordic Music Prize and a Finnish grammy in 2014 for their eponymous second album (2013) and if fair is still something we of the world concern ourselves with then Death Hawks' 'Sun Future Moon' should meet a similar fate. At least. For as I somehow ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Eivør: Bridges & Slør Categories: Albums • Alternative • Faroe Islands Eivør: Bridges & Slør It's not that often an artist put out two albums in one year (Dunderbeist and Complicated Universal Cum the ones jumping to mind with their 2012 releases), but this was the case for Faroese songstress Eivør who released album number nine and ten and her first solo effort(s) since 2012's ... (Click To Continue Reading)

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