Music Alliance Pact – June 2015 Categories: Denmark • Faroe Islands • Features • Finland • Iceland • Norway • Sweden • Tracks Music Alliance Pact - June 2015 We're halfway through June and that means time for another edition of the World’s Greatest Mixtape bringing you 20 free songs from 20 countries around the planet courtesy of the Music Alliance Pact. It's business as usual and you can again download each song separately or all in a single ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Headed for Copenhell 2015? Here’s what you should see… Categories: Denmark • Faroe Islands • Features • Finland • Iceland • Live • Metal • Norway • Sweden Headed for Copenhell 2015? Here's what you should see... Next week one of Europe's finest metal festivals Copenhell will open the gates to three days of metal and mayhem for the sixth time. ALL SCANDINAVIAN will be there - as we were in 2013 and 2014 - and so should you. If you happen to drop by these ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Soliti turns four, gives you a free album Categories: Albums • Alternative • Finland • Rock Soliti turns four, gives you a free album One of our favorite Finnish labels, Soliti, turns four this month, and to celebrate label boss Nick Triani has had his bands deliver own interpretations of some of their favorite songs for the album '​Cover Me: Soliti Turns 4'. Here are 11 mostly exclusive new cover versions by bands like ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Turboweekend: Share My Thunder Categories: Albums • Denmark • Rock Turboweekend: Share My Thunder It's been two years and a bit between Turboweekend's third and fourth full length. In between the four Danes have apparently been struggling with their identity as a band which turned the work with 'Share My Thunder' in to a process of finding a way back. Which I guess can ... (Click To Continue Reading)
DíSA: Sculpture Categories: Albums • Electronica • Iceland DíSA: Sculpture Icelandic songstress Bryndís Jakobsdóttir has been with us for a while in different incarnations here, here and here, but right here she debuts as DíSA with the EP 'Sculpture'. I've shared a couple of tastes with you back in March, both making promises the EP easily keeps. It's dark, mid- ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Firewoodisland: Owl Song Categories: Alternative • Norway • Tracks Firewoodisland: Owl Song Come Autumn indiefolk outfit Firewoodisland will release their second EP, following up on the excellent 'ILD' from 2014. In April I shared the great first single, 'Molehills', and today it's time for the second, 'Owl Song', and between the two Firewoodisland have laid a truly impressive ground for the upcoming ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Myrkur: Hævnen Categories: Denmark • Metal • Tracks Myrkur: Hævnen Since the release of the EP 'Nattens Barn' Danish one-woman-black-metal-band Myrkur has been surrounded by massive hype. So much that the debut album, 'M' (due in August), can almost only disappoint. Well, maybe not, if the first single, 'Hævnen', is anything to go by, because it is pretty darn awesome. ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Ribozyme: Grinding Tune Categories: Albums • Norway • Rock Ribozyme: Grinding Tune Norway's Ribozyme have been around for some years but really peaked with 2012's 'Presenting The Problem'. That album was interesting in its effortless blend of metal, rock, industrial and a few dashes of electronica - and luckily Ribozyme don't try to reinvent themselves on 'Grinding Tune', instead opting for doing ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Terrible Feelings: Tremors Categories: Albums • Rock • Sweden Terrible Feelings: Tremors I had mixed feelings about Terrible Feelings' (see what I did there?) debut album 'Shadows' from 2012. On one hand I loved the two tracks 'Intruders' and the angsty power pop song 'Days To Come' - on the other hand I thought the rest of the album was somewhat unspectacular ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Omar: I Am Heavy Metal, Who Are You? Categories: Albums • Rock • Sweden Omar: I Am Heavy Metal, Who Are You? Back in 2007 Claus Wrang Michaelsen (featured here as part of the great Danish stoner rock outfit Hjortene) got his hands on an advance copy of Omar's debut album, 'I Am Heavy Metal, Who Are You?'. Then the Swedish quintet were shopping for labels to release the debut, but before ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Vök: Circles Categories: Albums • Electronica • Iceland Vök: Circles Shortly after forming in 2013 Vök won the annual band contest Músíktilraunir (the Icelandic equivalent of Battle of the Bands), and last year they released their debut EP, 'Tension', to quite the hype. Friday 'Circles' followed and I see no immediate reason why the new EP - co-produced by Biggi ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Spidergawd: Spidergawd II Categories: Albums • Norway • Rock Spidergawd: Spidergawd II Last year Spidergawd released their eponymous debut to great critical acclaim in Norway and a Spellemann nomination for Rock Album of the Year. It's also an album that completely failed to make its way my way, so I'll have to take the press release's word for it. Luckily the quartet ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Virgin Suicide: Virgin Suicide Categories: Albums • Denmark • Rock Virgin Suicide: Virgin Suicide Recordings began in February 2014 with producer Lars Vognstrup (Lars & The Hands Of Light), but it has taken until this Monday for retro-rocking Virgin Suicide to get their debut full length out, in part because of a long distance collaboration with L.A.-based Sune Rose Wagner (The Raveonettes) who has ... (Click To Continue Reading)
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