CMBSTN: Changing Categories: Rock • Sweden • Tracks CMBSTN: Changing Back in August I featured Swedish indierock-gone-synth quartet CMBSTN and the three songs they had released that far this year. A week ago 'Changing' followed, a power ballad about the fear of ending up living a boring, mediocre life (I guess most can relate to that fear and wallow in ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Spiralism: Weighing Of The Heart Categories: Finland • Metal • Tracks Spiralism: Weighing Of The Heart If you are into verses, identifiable choruses, and that sort of thing Spiralism may not appeal to you. If you are into songs where you can listen to the first two or three minutes and still have no idea where it is going, you should check this out. The four-piece ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Geislar: Secret Categories: Alternative • Iceland • Tracks Geislar: Secret A supergroup comprising a string of Iceland's finest in jazz and alternative pop and rock Geislar has a - as far as I can tell - fresh debut album out titled 'Containing The Dark' with two singles, 'Stone Cold Stone' and 'Secret' released four and three months ago respectively (both ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Alex Vargas: Till Forever Runs Out Categories: Denmark • Pop • Tracks • Videos Alex Vargas: Till Forever Runs Out He left Denmark for London at age 16 to make it in music and at 25 Alex Vargas released his first single - the rather excellent alternative pop song 'Till Forever Runs Out' (also here in a live Mahogany Session version) - in his native country this Monday to build ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Them Bird Things: The Tinker’s Tale Categories: Finland • Rock • Tracks Them Bird Things: The Tinker's Tale Come February Finland's most intriguing country n' blues quartet, Them Bird Things, will release their fourth album, 'The Bride Who Came To Yellow Sky'. I've been quite happy about the previous three, the latest 'Pachyderm Nightmares' from 2013, and judging by new single 'The Tinker's Tale' I stand a good ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Singapore Sling: You Drive Me Insane Categories: Iceland • Rock • Videos Singapore Sling: You Drive Me Insane Now, here are couple of tastes of an album the could be quite awesome, at least if you, like me, can't help but be drawn into the psychedelic. The band is legendary Singapore Sling hailing from Reykjavík, Iceland. The album is number eight, 'The Tower Of Foronicity', released earlier this ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Izakaya Heartbeart: Enter Categories: Norway • Rock • Videos Izakaya Heartbeart: Enter Premiere: A year ago Norwegian noiserockers, Izakaya Heartbeat, launched a video per song project for their second effort, 'Enter - Rainbow Lake'. It is a video project covered somewhat randomly on this blog (catch the videos for 'Crystal Eyes', 'High Force' and 'Minutes And Days' here, and check out the ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Bloodbath: Grand Morbid Funeral Categories: Albums • Metal • Sweden Bloodbath: Grand Morbid Funeral If you are in to Swedish death metal two pieces of great news emerged recently. Firstly, Bloodbath released their new album, 'Grand Morbid Funeral'. Secondly, same Bloodbath announced that they are going to play at next year's metal festival Copenhell. If the first says something about the latter we can ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Friendship: Friendship Categories: Albums • Norway • Rock Friendship: Friendship Taking their name from the 1971 debut album by Junipher Greene, one of the central groups in Norwegian progressive rock, power trio Friendship (Magnus Kultorp, Fredrik Skalstad and Njål Uhre Kiese) debuts with 11 tracks of excellent soulful way-back-when rock and muscle their way to the top of the retro ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Neondad: Off The Humdrum Categories: Albums • Finland • Rock Neondad: Off The Humdrum On the first day of October I featured the three singles released to build up to Neondad's debut album, 'Off The Humdrum' - an eight song collection of alternative indierock, every once in a while touching base with Radiohead in mood and sound. It's pretty much half an album of ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Simen Mitlid: Thoughts Categories: Norway • Rock • Tracks Simen Mitlid: Thoughts We first featured this Norwegian singer/songwriter back in February with pretty much everything that was online back then (not least 'Pictures From The Past' making quite an impression, and at the beginning of this month Simen Mitlid released 'Thoughts', which is the first taste of a new EP due out ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Hey Elbow: Martin Categories: Alternative • Sweden • Videos Hey Elbow: Martin Signed to one of our favorite Swedish labels, Adrian Recordings, Hey Elbow (aka Julia Ringdahl, vocals and guitar, Ellen Petersson, horns and electronics, Liam Amner, drums) will release their debut album next year. So far two tastes of their wall of sound alternative pop have made waves wherever they have ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Redwood Hill: Collider Categories: Albums • Denmark • Metal Redwood Hill: Collider Redwood Hill’s 2012 debut 'Descender' was all kinds of awesome, and after witnessing their performance on Copenhell earlier this year I called them "one of the most exciting up-and-coming metal bands in Denmark right now." After listening to the band’s sophomore effort, 'Collider', I am going to rephrase that a ... (Click To Continue Reading)
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