Taxi Taxi: Floating Forever Categories: Alternative • Sweden • Videos Taxi Taxi: Floating Forever It's been a few years since I last lend my ears to Swedish twin sisters Taxi Taxi aka Johanna and Miriam Tewolde Berhan, and apparently they haven't released anything in that time. So that explains it, I guess. In 2009 it was alt-folk on Efterklang's label, Rumraket, but on their ... (Click To Continue Reading)
The Good, The Bad And The Zugly: Way Out West Categories: Norway • Rock • Tracks The Good, The Bad And The Zugly: Way Out West Among my many favourite shouty Norwegians are the Hadeland based The Good The Bad And The Zugly. Their debut album, 'Anti World Music', was brilliant and judging by new single 'Way Out West' the followup, 'Hadeland Hardcore', could be even better. The song features a bitching guitar riff, a catchy ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Constables: Complex Sex Categories: Albums • Finland • Rock Constables: Complex Sex It's been almost two years since Constables were featured first on this blog with their second EP, 'Bedroom Culture'. Then I said of the Finnish quartet that their Strokes-Franz Ferdinand-Interpol indie wasn't mindblowingly original as such, yet it was effective and catchy. It's an opinion I can only repeat of ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Lasse Passage: Stop Making Sense And Start Making Success Vol. 3 Categories: Albums • Alternative • Norway Lasse Passage: Stop Making Sense And Start Making Success Vol. 3 Last year Norwegian singer/songwriter Lasse Passage aka Lasse p. Nøsted released two EPs titled 'Stop Making Sense And Start Making Success Vol. 1' and 2. I missed the second one in the tidal wave of music hitting these shores, but I'll get a second chance with that come October when ... (Click To Continue Reading)
The Radar Post: The Radar Post Categories: Albums • Denmark • Rock The Radar Post: The Radar Post After two lauded EPs Esben Svane return with his first full length as The Radar Post. The eponymous debut is a personal account of the drunken consequences of fame as drummer with Danish pop-rock outfit A Friend In London and the struggle to kick the booze and find his pre-fame ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Kontinuum: Kyrr Categories: Albums • Iceland • Metal Kontinuum: Kyrr At first I was kind of bummed out when I got an e-mail from Kontinuum's record label guy with a download link and the message "the album is very different from the first one." In my opinion Kontinuum's debut album, 'Earth Blood Magic', was one of the best albums of ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Music Alliance Pact – April 2015 Categories: Denmark • Faroe Islands • Features • Finland • Iceland • Norway • Sweden • Tracks Music Alliance Pact - April 2015 We're halfway through April and that means time for another edition of the World’s Greatest Mixtape bringing you 16 free songs from 16 countries around the planet courtesy of the Music Alliance Pact. It's business as usual and you can again download each song separately or all in a single ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Drowned Session: Everything Gets Open Categories: Alternative • Denmark • Faroe Islands • Videos Drowned Session: Everything Gets Open About a year ago Drowned Session first graced this page with their presence and a taste of their first EP, 'Horses'. In a month or so the Danish/Faroese quartet will follow up on that with more alt-folk on the EP 'Home To The Wind' from which 'Nikolai Bukharin' and 'Everything ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Skallbank: Dödens Ord Categories: Metal • Sweden • Videos Skallbank: Dödens Ord Kvelertak are all kinds of awesome and it’s hard to grow tired of their shouty take on hard rock, punk and metal. But there is a limit to how many times you can hear their two albums regardless of how good they are. Enter Skallbank from Sweden. To say that ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Fjeld: Wave It Off Categories: Finland • Rock • Tracks Fjeld: Wave It Off Last year I featured Fjeld's debut EP, 'Apple Thief Times', then saying that the Finnish indie-post-rock quintet was definitely on to something. Recently new single 'Wave It Off' came my way and at the very least it reaffirms my previous statement - at best it should lead someone to sign ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Firewoodisland: Molehills Categories: Alternative • Norway • Videos Firewoodisland: Molehills Last year I featured Firewoodisland a couple of times, first with their debut EP 'ILD' and later the video for EP opening track 'Simon'. Now it's time to let you in on their latest offering, 'Molehills', which is another quite excellent piece of indiefolk that also comes with this great ... (Click To Continue Reading)
YAST: When You’re Around Categories: Rock • Sweden • Tracks YAST: When You're Around Back in 2013 Swedish quintet YAST (known as Youth And Student Travel when they formed in 2007) released their great eponymous debut album, which also made it to our Best Albums list for that year. Now they're getting ready to put out a followup (no title or release date yet) ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Alcoholic Faith Mission: Another You Categories: Alternative • Denmark • Videos Alcoholic Faith Mission: Another You June 15 Alcoholic Faith Mission release their first album in the UK. Titled 'Orbitor' and recorded with producer Brian Batz (Sleep Party People) it seems to mark an evolution in sound by the Danish alternative pop collective, founded one drunken night in Brooklyn in 2006 by Thorben Seierø Jensen and ... (Click To Continue Reading)
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