Blood Label: Shotgun Blown In The Face Categories: Denmark • Metal • Tracks Blood Label: Shotgun Blown In The Face Blood Label consists of members of prominent Danish metal bands like HateSphere, The Burning and Dawn of Demise. Their debut album ‘Skeletons', released a few weeks ago, is far from perfect but does show great potential. Here exemplified in the subtly titled track 'Shotgun Blown To The Face'. (Click To Continue Reading)
Kajak: Gold Crowned Eagle Categories: Electronica • Iceland • Tracks • Videos Kajak: Gold Crowned Eagle Iceland's Kajak have just two singles out ('Indiana' and 'Gold Crowned Eagle'), but already a bit of a buzz is building around cousins Hreinn Elíasson and Sigurmon H. Sigurðsson. Which makes all the sense you could imagine as the two really has something special going on, embracing electronic elements from ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Making Marks: Like Spinning Categories: Norway • Pop • Videos Making Marks: Like Spinning Named after a band that doesn't exist anymore 'Like Spinning' was the b-side on Norwegian indiepop quartet Making Marks' very first single back in 2012. Since then it's been their most played song on Spotify and SoundCloud, so (naturally) they decided to include it on their debut album, 'A Thousand ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Pray For Locust: Batcountry Categories: Metal • Sweden • Tracks Pray For Locust: Batcountry Next week Pray For Locust will release their second album 'In The Shadow Of The Colossus'. If you are into metalcore, hardcore and Swedish men being angry in all kinds of spectacular ways you are in for quite a treat. Not convinced? Check out the first single of the album, ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Littlefish: The Gordian Knot Categories: Albums • Denmark • Faroe Islands • Rock Littlefish: The Gordian Knot It took them 19 years, but  today it's official: Littlefish are now recording artists. Titled 'The Gordian Knot' (perhaps a hint to the time passed since forming) the Danish/Faroese trio's debut album is a catchy encounter, throughout the 11 songs showcasing a great ear for both riffs and hooks, which, ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Astrid Swan: Astrid4 Categories: Albums • Alternative • Finland Astrid Swan: Astrid4 She's been with us here on ALL SCANDINAVIAN pretty much since the beginning, 'Spartan Picnic' featured in September 2008 and 'Better Than Wages' a year later, and now Astrid Swan's fourth album - if you're not counting her 2011 Pavement covers album, 'Hits (Pavement For Girls)' - has made its ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Music Alliance Pact – April 2014 Categories: Denmark • Faroe Islands • Features • Finland • Iceland • Norway • Sweden • Tracks Music Alliance Pact - April 2014 We're halfway through April and that means time for another edition of the World’s Greatest Mixtape bringing you 27 free songs from 27 countries around the planet courtesy of the Music Alliance Pact. It's business as usual and you can again download each song separately or all in a single ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Ásgeir: Going Home Categories: Iceland • Rock • Videos Ásgeir: Going Home Last week Icelandic sensation Ásgeir (Trausti the abandoned last name in his English incarnation) did a five gig tour of Ireland and England in support of his English version of his award winning Icelandic debut 'Dýrð Í Dauðaþögn', 'In The Silence'. Here's the latest video in support of the album, ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Nancy: Tokyo Soul/Yugatshu Categories: Alternative • Finland • Videos Nancy: Tokyo Soul/Yugatshu Last year progressive rock quartet Nancy released their excellent debut, 'IDDQD', and a little while back double video single 'Tokyo Soul/Yugatshu' hit the AS inbox, showing that the four Finns seem to have no problems facing the daunting task of following up on a success. They promised more would follow ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Izakaya Heartbeat: Crystal Eyes Categories: Norway • Rock • Videos Izakaya Heartbeat: Crystal Eyes Right, so here's one of those bad conscience type posts that we need to do every once in a while (don't worry; the music's still awesome). Here's why: Last year Norwegian noiserockers Izakaya Heartbeat released their second album, 'Enter - Rainbow Lake', which I never shared with you - even ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Mammút: Ströndin Categories: Alternative • Iceland • Tracks Mammút: Ströndin At the Icelandic Music Awards gala a few weeks ago Mammút came out one of the big winners with awards for Record of the Year for their album 'Komdu Til Mín Svarta Systir', Best Album Cover, and Song of the Year with lead single 'Salt'. It doesn't look like the ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Call Me: Disclosed Categories: Alternative • Sweden • Tracks Call Me: Disclosed She released two tracks last year ('Easy' and 'Fishes'), but they are no longer available to stream (at least not as far as I can be bothered to Google). Too bad, because by the sound of Call Me aka Anna Nordenström's new single 'Disclosed' (released Monday) they could've been a ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Apian: Breathless Categories: Denmark • Electronica • Videos Apian: Breathless Nine years ago Apian aka Søren Mejer Hansen (formerly known as Peak) released his first solo EP, 'Makin' Me Fly', and now he's gearing up to put out a followup come fall. First single 'Breathless' was released earlier this year and it is a pleasingly familiar 3+ minutes of melancholic ... (Click To Continue Reading)
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