Phone Joan: Turning Pages Categories: Albums • Norway • Rock Phone Joan: Turning Pages Formed some six years ago Norwegian quartet Phone Joan are now three albums in - the latest, ‘Turning Pages’, released back in the beginning of the year. Produced, recorded and mixed by Vance Powell (Jack White et al.) it is 11 tracks worth of excellent 1970s-tinged southern stoner ’n fuzz ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Aphyxion: Earth Entangled Categories: Albums • Denmark • Metal Aphyxion: Earth Entangled Aphyxion are one of the worst kept secrets in the Danish metal underground. The five guys from Ribe, Jutland, managed to play nearly 100 shows before anyone of them turned 20 – including prestigious gigs like Copenhell and Wacken Open Air – and built a reputation for ass-kicking live shows. ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Firewoodisland: ILD Categories: Albums • Alternative • Norway Firewoodisland: ILD Back in 2010 Norway native Stian Vedøy relocated to Cardiff in Wales and in 2013 Firewoodisland came to life as he joined forces with Abi Newbould, Stephen Allen and Rowan Blake. Five months ago the debut EP, ‘ILD’, followed, sporting five quite amazing indiefolk songs most likely able to please ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Kontinuum: Í Huldusal Categories: Iceland • Metal • Tracks Kontinuum: Í Huldusal Considering the fact that Kontinuum according to us made on of 2012's best albums there are quite a few reasons to look forward to the Icelandic psychedelic metal outfits sophomore album that should be coming out later this year. Here's another reason: The first single ’Í Huldusal‘, which has everything ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Music Alliance Pact – September 2014 Categories: Denmark • Faroe Islands • Features • Finland • Iceland • Norway • Sweden • Tracks Music Alliance Pact - September 2014 We're halfway through September and that means time for another edition of the World’s Greatest Mixtape bringing you 21 free songs from 21 countries around the planet courtesy of the Music Alliance Pact. It's business as usual and you can again download each song separately or all in a single ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Bye Mandu: Southern Girl Categories: Finland • Rock • Videos Bye Mandu: Southern Girl Travelling can result in many good things and for Sergei Vartiainen a trip to Nepal in 2012 even a band. Bye Mandu, named after Kathmandu, the city that gave inspiration to his first eight songs, released their first EP later that year, followed up with single ‘Slip Away’ last year ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Stench: Archways Categories: Metal • Sweden • Tracks Stench: Archways Deathmetallers Stench will release their second album ‘Venture’ late September in Europe and late October in North America. Judging from the first single ‘Archways’ we could be in for quite a treat. It’s repetitive and dark, primitive, yet atmospheric. And most of all: Pretty damn great. (Click To Continue Reading)
A Road To Damascus: In Retrospect Categories: Albums • Denmark • Rock A Road To Damascus: In Retrospect This Danish quartet first caught our attention with their quirky, yet oddly infectious cover of ‘Airplanes’, originally by B.o.B featuring Hayley Williams, back in 2012. Now A Road To Damascus have released their sophomore effort, ‘In Retrospect’, and like on their eponymous debut they are not afraid to be shamelessly ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Sin Cos Tan: Blown Away Categories: Albums • Electronica • Finland Sin Cos Tan: Blown Away Third time’s a charm, it’s said, and it’s definitely the case with this blog and mentions of Sin Cos Tan albums: ‘Blown Away’ is their third and it’s the first time we do an album recommendation (we have featured the Finnish duo a few times, though - here, here and ... (Click To Continue Reading)
House By The Lake: Out Of The Woods Categories: Norway • Rock • Tracks House By The Lake: Out Of The Woods October 10 House By The Lake will release their debut album, ‘Woodlands’. Building up the Norwegian one man band gone quintet have released two singles, ‘Redwood’ (2013) and ‘Out Of The Woods’ this summer, which both make rather solid folk promises for the album. Here is ‘Out Of The Woods’, ... (Click To Continue Reading)
LOVE SPORT: Pink Rhumba Categories: Finland • Rock • Tracks LOVE SPORT: Pink Rhumba They formed in June, have two tracks out and available as free download, and their first ever gig is on September 30. LOVE SPORT is brand new in music but the four guys are not - they also serve duties in Black Twig, Big Wave Riders, Lady Escape and Hopeajärvi ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Una Stef: Mama Funk Categories: Iceland • Pop • Tracks Una Stef: Mama Funk Iceland’s Una Stef released her debut album, ‘Songbook’, back in May and saw the two singles ‘Mama Funk’ and ‘Breathe’ enter the Top 30 Radio Charts in Iceland while getting compared to Alicia Keys. I haven’t heard the whole songbook, but aforementioned singles have me think it could be a ... (Click To Continue Reading)
Hjortene: Hjortene Categories: Albums • Denmark • Rock Hjortene: Hjortene If you like stoner rock you will most likely love Hjortene (“The Deer”). There really is little need to say much more about the Danish trio’s eponymous debut album, sporting guest appearances by Valient Himself, Lorenzo Woodrose and President Fetch, and 60s psych and 70s punk lyrical throwbacks in the ... (Click To Continue Reading)
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